Debunking the Myth of Round Rimmed Sunglasses

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Spring is the best time of the year for a change of sunglasses. With the summer fast approaching, you must decide what your style will be this year. So here is my bet for this year: if you want to wear the latest in eyewear fashion, you need to get hold of a pair of Round Rimmed sunglasses.  You might think, “Really?”,  but when it comes to fashion you want to get the latest trend so you need to look back on the past to be inspired.


Some celebrities achieved an iconic status partly because of their striking and peculiar round rimmed glasses. Think about Elton John, Gandhi, Harry Potter, Groucho Marx, Ozzy Osbourne and, of course, John Lennon.


Why do Round Rimmed Frames keep coming back to the Fashion world every few decades…(much to the joy of fashionista’s?)

The Round frame is thought to be one of trickiest to wear BUT if chosen carefully, it can also be the one that will make you look ‘super-cool’ and enthusiastic with a touch of sophistication. We have already seen some celebrities topping up their look with a pair of gorgeous Round Rimmed sunglasses.


Laetitia-Casta-Circle-Sunglasses Beyonce-queen-of-round-circle-sunglasses
It is undeniable how amazing Lady Gaga, Laetitia Casta and Beyonce look when showing off an splendid pair of Round Framed sunglasses.
There are a lot of choices out there but let’s have a look at some of the cool Round Rimmed sunglasses available at SelectSpecs that will make you shine this summer. I have chosen three of the most popular brands (Ray-Ban, Calvin Klein and Polaroid) to illustrate just how big the variety of round models available is:

Ray Ban 3447


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This new model of classic-looking sunglasses comes in four different mirror colours so that you are sure to you get the right pair you need for the right outfit. You can get them for just over £100 and can also be prescription glasses, amazing!

Ray Ban 3475Q


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These ultramodern round rimmed sunglasses are Ray-Ban’s latest addition to men’s eyewear fashion. To make sure they fit all styles, they have two modish lens colours available and can be prescription glasses too. They will help you achieve the look you will see everywhere this summer! Oh, and they are only £122!

Calvin Klein J121S

Calvin Klein Sunglasses CKJ121S

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When we think about Calvin Klein, jeans might be the first thing which comes to mind but the brand is becoming very popular on eyewear fashion too. We can easily understand why when looking at these two gorgeous and on vogue models.

A cross between round and aviator frames, I have a real soft spot for this pair of sunglasses. Proud wearers get a sizzling hot yet casual rock outfit when using them. The simple design and the amazing price tag (£85 only!) mean that they will become one of this summer’s essential accessories!

Calvin Klein J747S

Calvin Klein Sunglasses CKJ747S

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These translucent hot pink round rimmed sunglasses are suitable for both men and women. If pink is not for you, do not worry! They are available in five different exciting colours making them easy to match with all kinds of leisure wear and helping shape an easy-going image of cool splendid wearers. Incredibly, you can get them for only £75!

Polaroid PLP 0303

Polaroid PLP 0303 Sunglasses

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I am a big fan of polarised sunglasses. Polarised sunglasses reduce glare by filtering out the reflected sunlight that deflects surfaces like water or pavement. You will become addicted to them as soon as you wear them for the first time.  They are usually associated with sports frames but Polaroid also has very stylish urban models including some round rimmed ones.

With this pair of astounding Round Framed retro sunglasses, Polaroid has given classic rounds a fresh new look. These man’s sunglasses are the finishing touch for a rather casual yet refined look. Be in style and have your eyes protected from sunlight for only £95.

Polaroid PLD6010/S

Polaroid PLD 6010

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For only £50, these polarized unisex sunglasses are a guarantee for a quirky vintage cool look. They are versatile and the unbelievable wide range of lens and frame colours available means that everyone will find their perfect Round Rimmed polarised sunglasses to match almost any style.

So, as you can see, today we destroy the myth of Round Framed glasses not being for all face shapes. I have only picked up a few but you can make a big impression by browsing SelectSpecs’ amazingly huge collection of trendy and good quality round rimmed sunglasses and choosing the right ones for your style.

I would love to see how you enhance your look wearing a pair of spectacular round framed sunglasses via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

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