Deepika Padukone’s Van Heusen Collection

Deepika Padukone Van Heusen Limited Edition

Deepika Padukone, the globally popular actress from India, is well-known for her beauty, elegance, grace, and style. Even in real life, Deepika is known to be a lovely person who is courteous, friendly, and extremely kind to others.

In 2013, Deepika made her debut as a fashion designer, when she co-created her own fashion brand in collaboration with the Indian premium lifestyle brand named Van Heusen.

The Van Heusen Limited Edition Collection by Deepika Padukone features an ultimate combination of class, style, modernity, and glamour. Every piece in the collection is designed by Deepika for women who love to feel special, and real.

Debuting as a designer, Deepika Padukone was actively involved with the brand Van Heusen, right from designing to the shooting, and promotions. Milan was the destination where Deepika Padukone got the inspiration for co-creating her Van Heusen designs.

This trend-setting collection will have Deepika Padukone’s signature style, and it’ll help the modern women to feel special, confident and comfortable.

The collection is crafted from best quality materials and will feature vibrant styles such as monochromatic shades, cobalt blues, dusty rose pinks, and much more.

Inspired by Deepika’s elegant style, and charisma, the Van Heusen collection will help women to wear their own personality.

Join us as we look at some of the best fabrics from Deepika’s Van Heusen Limited Edition Collection, along with matching eyewear from SelectSpecs.

Read on to get inspired by the style of the gorgeous Indian actress Deepika Padukone!


In the Pink

Deepika Padukone looks so gorgeous in pink, rocking the chic style as she poses for the Van Heusen photo-shoot session.

We’re loving Deepika’s new ensemble named, the Fushia Pink Peplum Dress, designed by her for the Van Heusen brand.

The attractive pink attire is accessorized with a trendy custom-made black with white stripe sling bag.

Deepika’s wardrobe reflects her personality, and the picture above is a proof of her unique fashion sense and style.

We think the Dolce & Gabbana DG6110 frames are the perfect match here! Grab them below to look as gorgeous as Deepika.

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Classic Look

Deepika looks bold, yet elegant, in this exquisite shot, taken for the Van Heusen Limited Edition endorsement in Milan.

We are obsessed with the classic Colour-Blocked Sheath Dress designed by Deepika for Van Heusen. A perfect outfit for the modern-day fashionistas!

Blocks of black and ivory have been imparted to form a classic attire which gives a comfortable feel.

This classic outfit can be accessorized using a stylish coat and a black sling bag, along with matching heels.

Get inspired by Deepika’s style, and grab the Vogue VO5054S shades to complete your look.

Vogue VO5054S



Triumph in Blue

Deepika Padukone looks amazing in a dark blue attire, designed by her for the lifestyle brand, Van Heusen.

We love the bright colour of this stylish felt-blue minimal baroque jacquard dress, which comes with a shiny gold-buckle for extra glam.

The unique dark-shaded patterns on the attire make it even more appealing. 

Shot in Milan, the rich colour tone of the attire happens to the limelight of this picture.

Known for her minimal, classic dressing, Deepika pairs this stunning dark blue attire with a pair of bright canary-yellow stilettos.

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Fiery Red

The picture shows Deepika Padukone sizzling in red, as she walks through the streets of Milan, Italy for the Van Heusen shoot.

We’re loving the gold-buckled tangerine sheath dress designed by Deepika using her own ideas.

The vibrant sheath dress is perfectly paired with an ox-blood felt-wool trench, resulting in a bold interpretation of mismatched reds. Such an amazing look!

This bright tangerine sheath dress is the perfect choice for everyday autumn-winter wear. A must-have outfit for all modern-day fashionistas!

Steal Deepika’s style by using the trendy Vogue VO2990S available at SelectSpecs.

Vogue VO2990S

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Cream Delight

In this shot, Deepika is seen sporting one of her favourite fabrics for the Van Heusen Limited Edition photo-shoot in Milan.

We just love the shape of this beautiful Ivory Window Back attire, which also comes with a stylish gold-buckle for adding that extra element of style.

Designed by Deepika, the Ivory Window Back Dress is the best choice for modern women who like to stay one step ahead in style. An outfit with style, class and elegance!

Deepika accessorized the attire with a beautiful hand bracelet, a sexy red Lipstick Plus, and gorgeous pointed toe single sole heels (dark red colour). Such a stunning look!

Match Deepika’s look by using these trendy Roberto Cavalli RC1054 sunglasses.

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Bold in Black

Deepika Padukone sizzles in a sexy Black One-Shoulder Dress, designed by her for Van Heusen.

Recreated for the woman in charge, this fabric contains a pretty ruffle which helps to soften the one-shoulder back-bearing silhouette. The gold buckled belt adds a touch of luxury to the outfit.

The bold attire would look good if accessorized with a beautiful hand bracelet, a pink Fushia Lipstick plus, and a matching sling bag, along with black-white gorgeous Pumps.

Deepika co-created all her designs in Milan, the fashion capital of the world. We hope you loved the vibrant looks as much as we did!

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