Diesel’s Pre-fall 2015 Punk Rock Arrivals


The proof Diesel always tries to push boundaries of style and always thinks one step ahead is verified by the fact that they’ve already launched their pre-fall collection.


The entire line is inspired by the strong influences of punk and rock subcultures, meaning being rebellious is more desirable than ever! Bold tees, skinny jeans, leather as one of the prevalent materials – this fall is certainly going to be under the sign of rock n’ roll as far as Diesel’s concerned! As for the shades, the renowned Italian brand decided to follow previously beaten summer styles by sticking to full rim and rectangular shapes, showing retro designs are here to stay.

We for one were big fans of their previously promoted #denimeye line, a range of sunglasses which mimics denim’s texture but comes in different colours.

In contrast this current playful and colourful collection are bolder and edgier; the pre-fall new arrivals include frames in a variety of colours, with both gradient and polarized lenses.

Take the DL0072 for example, it boasts casual masculinity, reminiscent of eighties style and will snap with blue jeans and white shirt. On the other hand, if you want to step out of the usual framework, just like the notion of punk rock itself, opting for a yellow pair seems like a totally legit idea (in terms of fashion of course.)

Diesel’s DL0050 paired it up with an printed tee, leather jacket and casual hairstyle and you’ll be ready to rock wherever you go!


Have you already started to think about your fall outfits, or you’re still busy choosing a pair of sunglasses for the summer?

Choosing a pair of sunglasses that’ll easily slot into the next season would be a very good decision indeed.  Let us know what you think!

Check out our Diesel range of sunglasses here.

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