Best of Dior ’17

With a brand name as strong and as well known as Dior, the benefits of the brand are quite evident. The style, variety, and strong sense of design are reasons enough to invest in a pair of Dior sunglasses.

Here are a few of the best Dior sunglasses from their latest 2017 collection.



This pair of Dior DIORORIGINS2 sunglasses are so elegant.

The gold detail makes this pair a great option for when you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that are a bit more than your standard casual pair.

These would also be the perfect pair to build a look around.

Work with some deep red clothing (perhaps a statement coat) and accessories with gold and black.

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This pair of Dior WILDLYDIOR sunglasses are a great option for a summers day.

The pebbled look with multiple colours make the pair stand out, but not too much.

These would pair well with a floral patterned dress or top.

If you’re not in the mood for wearing a colourful outfit, this pair of sunglasses would still work.

A neutral toned outfit can balance out the colour pops in this pair.

In this case, the Wildlydior sunglasses will act as a statement pair of sunglasses.

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This pair of Dior DIORMANIA1 sunglasses are more about having a bit of fun.

The light pink color, the gold bridge detail, and the rectangular lens set within the circular frames make them unique and will definitely will stand out.

Try working this look with some of Dior’s light pink makeup.

Don’t forget some blush and a light pink nail polish.

You can either go for a bright lipstick to make the look pop, or if you prefer to go for something a bit more subtle, put on a nude lip instead.

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This pair of Dior DIORUN sunglasses add a bit of colour to your look, but in more of a subtle way.

You have a selection of 3 colours with this design, though the favourite is the navy because navy looks good with everything.

This pair would look great with a long dress, cinched with a navy waist belt.

This is more of a top-heavy pair of sunglasses, so you may want to skip the hat and maybe balance it off with a stronger lip colour.

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Dior Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara, XL Lady Dior Bag. Black Patent Leather, Christian Dior Petale Pointed-Toe Buckle 100mm Pump, Dior Limited Edition Total Eye Look Palette, Dior Bracelet

This pair of Dior DIORIFIC1N sunglasses are great because of their simple colour scheme and elegant design.

It will give you fuller coverage, and a more mysterious look.

Try matching this pair with some more Dior goodies, be it a gorgeous handbag, makeup, jewellery, or a pair of killer heels.

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Dior Short Dress, Lele Sadoughi Concrete Jungle Wisteria Petal Necklace, Giuseppe Zanotti Cruel, Halia Floral Velvet Choker

This pair of Dior DIORSYMMETRIC sunglasses will rock your world.

The teal lenses, subtle frame, and gold accent makes it for such an elegant pair.

You can use the teal colour to help accessorize your look.

For your necklace,  you could either go for a choker or a geometric statement necklace depending on the look you’re going for (and the occasion).

Whichever Dior sunglasses you go for, know that there is no such thing as the wrong option.

Each one is special and they all have their unique selling points.

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