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After the storming success of recent re-releases Cinderella and Beauty And The Beast, Disney has announced plans to shoot live-action remakes of their most beloved blockbusters. Including fan favourites Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Mulan. 

It’s the stuff of our 7 year old dreams, and we can’t wait to see what direction these magical re-imaginings will take.

While most of the titles won’t be hitting our screens until 2018 at the earliest, we’ve got you covered with a look at our fave Disney Princesses and shades inspired by these leading ladies. Let’s bibbidy-bobbidy-begin.


With the recent lavish musical production currently making waves in the West End and Broadway, there couldn’t have been a better time to announce plans for a live action remake of 1992 classic Aladdin.

And, with Guy Ritchie at the helm of the big budget project, we think Agrabah is in safe hands!

If the current musical production is any indication, we’re in for a visual treat in the costume department.

Think beautifully bright colours, dazzling embellishments and flowing fabrics. We’ve no doubt that Jasmine’s iconic teal tinged outfit will be a shining center piece.

While the original film kept things simple with her separates, there’s an opportunity with the remake to inject a whole new world of detail into the Princesses garments here.

We think Jasmine would approve of these Dolce & Gabbana DG4290 frames – shades fit for royalty.


Beauty and the Beast stands as the cornerstone for successful Disney live action remakes.

Smashing box office records and introducing the classic tale (as old as time) to a whole new generation, the film saw Emma Watson breathe new life into the role of the bookish Belle.

And while characters such as fan-favourites Mrs Potts and Cogsworth generated excitement with their CGI reimagining, it was seeing Belle dance with the Beast in her iconic golden dress that really gave us goosebumps.

Through clever character design and deliberate choice of colour, each Disney Princess instantly has their own palette that springs to mind – if Jasmine’s is the rich teal of her outfit, then Belle’s is undeniably the yellow-gold of her iconic ballgown.

With this in mind, try the Givenchy GV 7050/S for the perfect Princess nod.


One of the most beloved rags to riches tales of all time, and what better place to begin the spate of live actions remake than the classic Cinderella.

With a huge budget and incredible production values, Disney succeeded in making the film even more magical than the original, proving that these tales deserve to be re-told and paving the way for future live action remakes.

In-keeping with Cinderella’s classic styling, we think the MaxMara Occhiali MM ILDE I are the perfect pair of shades to channel this fan-favourite Princess. Gold trims and retro frames ensure these specs are fit for royalty.


When's it my turn, wouldn't I love, love to explore that shore up above ❤️💜💚 #Disney #DisneyPrincess #TheLittleMermaid 🐠🐚🦀

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We can’t tell if we’re more excited to be part of our fave mermaid’s underwater world once again, or to see the best Disney villain sing Poor Unfortunate Souls in glorious HD.

Yes, you can expect to see fan-favourites Ariel and Ursula make their big budget comeback in the upcoming The Little Mermaid remake.

Unfortunately, fans shouldn’t hold their breath for a release any time soon, as the blockbuster project is yet to even begin casting – but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock some serious Ariel vibes in the meantime.

Pair the preppy MORGAN Eyewear 207197 with a pair of emerald green leggings for a perfect dash of Disney about your outfit.


#Moana has been nominated for Best Animated Feature & Best Song ("How Far I'll Go") at the @CriticsChoice Awards!

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Okay, so she may not technically be a Disney Princess, but recently introduced Moana is easily our favourite Disney Daughter Of A Chief.

Standing as the most recent addition to the roster, the young wayfarer captured the hearts of fans around the world with her irrepressible energy and unwavering determination.

Moana may not be getting the remake treatment any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t steal her style and rock those summer vibes.

We think the Tiffany & Co. TF3041 with its cool turquoise trims and soft aviator frames makes the perfect accompanying accessory for any budding sea-voyager.

For a closer look at the recent Beauty And The Beast remake, check out our article on eyewear inspired by the film!

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