DIY Christmas Gifts Using Glitter and Glasses

DIY glitter sunglasses

Sometimes all you need is a little imagination and some basic materials to create fun gifts for loved ones. It can even be as simple as an old pair of specs and some sparkly glitter. Yep, that really is all you need today.

If you’re feeling the pinch and need some cheap creative inspiration, take a look at our 3 ideas for DIY presents! Made with nothing but cheap frames (available at SelectSpecs) and some glitter pots for decoration…

1. Glitter Wayfarers

Do you know someone who loves going to festivals? If they are the queen of all things glitter, they will absolutely love these glittered up wayfarers. Made from a pair of cheap sunglasses (like our Savannah 8121 frames below), some good quality craft glue and your choice of loose glitter colours. It really is as simple as it looks on the tutorial.

This is a great stocking filler for all your BFFs or any relatives with festivals planned for 2018. And it’s totally budget-friendly, so you can gift to impress even when money is tight!

glitter sunglasses DIY

Savannah 8121


2. Glitter Reading Glasses

Don’t have any loose glitter or craft glue at home? Not to worry! We have a solution that requires nothing more than your favourite pot of glittery nail polish. Nail varnish can be a fantastic way of decorating your eyewear, and gives you full control of how intense you want the sparkle to be. Apply more layers for a full-on glitter effect or just one to keep your design subtle.

These chic reading glasses below are the perfect low budget specs for customising this Christmas. They will make a great gift for anyone in your life who is long-sighted and requires glasses for reading.

DIY glitter reading glasses

Blu-Ban 4505 Crystal



3. Glitter Christmas Decorations

Know anyone who loves to upcycle? Is your mum/sister / best friend an eco-warrior who appreciates handmade decorations? This video tutorial shows you how to upcycle old, unwanted prescription glasses into ornaments for the Christmas tree. All you need is a pair of wire cutters, some glue and glitter, and some pretty images or photos to be the main feature.

If you have spectacles that you don’t wear or frames that no longer fit, this is a great way to give them a new lease of life. Upcycling reduces waste in our landfills after all!

Looking to splash out this Christmas instead? If you’re not scrimping and saving, make sure you check out our BFF Sunglasses Gift Guide for the best designer frames to give to your best friends!

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