Fashion Fit For A Dog Walk Date

So you’ve had a couple of dates, maybe a nice dinner out, and now you’re thinking, what next? Nowadays, there’s nothing original about a cinema date, plus you’d rather take them somewhere where you can actually talk.

If you’re a dog lover like me, why not dig out the wellies and suggest a walk in the countryside to your partner?

Taking a pet is somewhat of an icebreaker (if your dog is a hyperactive cocker spaniel like mine, that is).

It can be a great way to get to know someone and what better place to do so than in beautiful scenery?

But wait – aren’t walking clothes ugly?

Is it even possible to dress warmly and look good at the same time?

Mostly, I take my dog for a walk in old trackies and my dad’s fleece – yes, fleece.

But there are simple ways to dress to keep your partner stunned.


1. Wear a Hat

Hats can look lovely if you style them right – beanies are great for cold weather and fedoras are perfect for summery days.

Think about the rest of your outfit; chances are, if you’re wrapped up in a thick scarf and a hooded coat, you won’t want to be wearing a hat, too.

But, if you balance it out with your other clothes, it can be a really lovely accessory for an outdoor date.

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2. Be Colourful

Just because you’re going to venture out into the countryside, doesn’t mean you have to stick to earthy colours.

These can be popular tones in country clothing brands, where you tend to see a lot of dark greens, greys and browns.

However, if you like a splash of colour, go for it.

The outfit below, for example, adds colour using stripes.

3. Be Practical

Yes, wellies aren’t exactly the most glamorous of shoe, but they’re really going to be useful when you come across a muddy patch.

Give them a scrub and build your outfit around them.

Knee high boots are coming back into fashion, so what’s the difference?

Below, they are styled with skinny jeans, a jacket and a fluffy scarf.

Oh how country chic.

4. Keep Cool & Stay Cool

If the weather is warm and a coat is out of the question, a pair of shorts and a sleeveless top can look just as good.

Make sure you match them together (and to your wellies) like the one below.

Consequently, if it’s sunny, it’s less likely you’ll encounter puddles on your route, so you could brave a pair of pumps or sneakers.

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Dressing Fancy?

And on the subject of warm weather, why not show off a dress?

It doesn’t have to be fancy; a nice, simple A-line would do the trick.

You could even dress-up more by adding jewellery, but remember to keep things simple – you wouldn’t want anything getting lost.

Below, you can see that they’ve paired their dress with a pair of flats.

This would be ideal for a walk, although I’d stick to darker colours just in case.

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6. Sunnies

You don’t want to be squinting at your partner the whole time.

This is the perfect excuse to get yourself some brand new sunglasses.

Oversized, circular frames are in at the moment – these tortoiseshell ones are easy to pair with all sorts of different colours, meaning you can mix-and-match your outfits without a worry.

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