Dress To Impress In 10 Easy Steps

You have a big event coming up, or you just want to change it up a bit and look your best. We’re here to break looking good down for you in 10 easy steps.

Step One: Know Your Size

While this one may go without saying, getting clothes that fit you correctly is key to looking your best.

Measure yourself at home and check online charts to find your exact size, get fitted, have things tailored, and definitely always try things on in the often traumatizing, yet necessary changing rooms.

Another thing that needs to fit, but your face this time, are glasses and sunnies.

The ones below are wide cut, and fit your face shape accordingly.

Step Two: Know The Occasion & Dress Code

Look hammered in all of these #underdressed

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Don’t be the friend who turns up to a wedding in jeans.

Know the dress code for occasions and your workplace alike.

Even when there isn’t an official dress code (like one stated on an invitation card), certain social norms apply to certain situations, such as not wearing your unicorn onesie to a business meeting.

So here’s your rule of thumb, stick to what is deemed acceptable in official situations, otherwise go crazy.

Now these sunnies below are appropriate for every occasion, and cool too.

Step Three: Start With A Statement Piece

This way you don’t look too overdone.

More than one statement piece in an outfit and you risk your outfit looking busy, and you take attention away from your original piece.

To keep your look streamlined and classy, one is the magic number.

These sunnies are a great complementary piece, and a shape that looks good on most face shapes.

Step Four: Keep A Little Mystery

While a completely sheer sparkly dress works on Rihanna (let’s face it, everything works on Rihanna), a wardrobe rule that is both flattering and makes your attire most venue appropriate, is keep skin baring to one feature per outfit.

A backless dress looks better with sleeves, or cleavage bearing attire could do with being a bit longer in length.

You get the idea.

Of course this rule doesn’t apply to every occasion, and if you’re feeling yourself, go for it.

Step Five: Know What Flatters Your Shape

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First, know your shape, then know how to dress for your shape.

Know which features to emphasize, where to wear colour and pattern (where you want to call attention), and where to wear fitted and where to wear flare.

These rules don’t only apply to your figure, but your face too.

A pair of sunglasses can emphasize different facial features, or conceal them.

For a bad brow day, try on the pair below.

Step Six: It’s All About the Undergarments

Ladies! 8 out of ten of you are wearing the wrong #bra size! #knowyoursize #lingerie

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Support is everything.

Whether it is a push up bra (or just a bra that is the right size), or a pair of Spanx, good undergarments will make your clothes fit better.

Underwear will make you look longer, leaner, and give you your best silhouette possible.

Tip: Nude is the colour to go for, for sheer attire.

Step Seven: Accessorize

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When all is said and done, and you’re dressed, there’s always room for some accessories.

They can give an edge to an otherwise classic outfit, or add a splash of colour to monochrome.

Just clip on some of the bad boys below for effortless glam whatever you’re wearing.

Step Eight: Comfort is Key

While sky high heels may elongate your legs and give you model stature, they may also make you walk like an injured creature seeking help after a few hours.

Faux leather attire makes you feel like you’re bringing sexy back?

Just make sure you test it for longevity and not making you sweat profusely within minutes of hitting the dance floor.

The rule here is while some outfits may look good at first, they will make you look ridiculous (and possibly in pain) after a while.

Step Nine: Shop With Missing Essentials in Mind

Have a to die for dress you can’t wait to wear?

But are missing matching shoes?

Keep forgetting every time you hit the high street?

Keep note of items you need to match already in your wardrobe for missing staples, instead of hitting the discount section, and buying items you won’t even end up wearing.

Step Ten: Know How to Care For Your Clothes

Check your care labels, simple enough, but oh so important.

Fabrics like cashmere and silk should be hand washed, others prefer lower temperatures or certain care precautions.

Wash jeans inside out to preserve colour for longer, put bras or lace clothing in a pillow case on a delicate wash to avoid snagging or damage, and of course, wash similar colours together as much as possible.

Now go forth and dress to impress.

Still need some fashion help? Here are 10 fashion pieces that will never go out of style.

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