Easy & Healthy Food Swap Ideas

With a bit of thought and preparation, it is actually surprisingly easy to eat healthier foods on a day to day basis. Eating well is a fundamental part of maintaining good physical and mental health, and can be surprisingly fun too!

Making food swaps is a great way to start eating better.

You may discover new yummy things to eat, create new recipe ideas, and as a bonus you won’t be going hungry!

To get you started, we have put together some super easy healthy food swaps which you can start doing today.

Keep reading to find out more.


1. White Bread For Brown Bread

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You don’t need to give up bread if you want to eat well or lose weight.

Simply swap the white loaf for brown whole grain, and you will be putting much better nutrients into your body.

Wholemeal is a great source of fibre, and a high fibre diet can prevent many diseases and illnesses of the bowels.

Hearty gains also help prevent weight gain as it is more filling than white.

You could also swap white rice for brown and white pasta for gluten free variations.

2. Buy Low-Fat Alternatives

Many big brands now produce low fat or reduced fat alternatives to their original product.

For example, why not swap full-fat mayonnaise for the light version?

Or choose some reduced fat cheese?

Go for reduced fat salad cream?

These alternatives don’t really taste all that different.

By choosing them, you can still have your favourite meals, but won’t be eating so much fat!

3. Choose Lean Meat Options

It is easy to simply choose leaner cuts of meat when you go shopping.

This will drastically reduce the amount of fat you are eating.

Instead of streaky bacon, go for bacon medallions instead.

The leanest cut of steak is the top sirloin steak and for pork it is the tenderloin.

4. Whole Milk to Skimmed or Plant Based

cozy sunday breakfast😴having some creamy vanilla chia oats plus fresh fruits,granola and sugar free dark chocolate. just cooked 45g oats,5g chia seeds,10g vanilla protein powder,sweetener and salt in about 350ml water/plant milk and added a big spoon soy joghurt later. so delicious😋🙏🏼what did you had today ? have a great day ahead ! • //guten morgen! bei mir gab es gerade cremigen vanille chia haferbrei mit frischem obst,granola und zuckerfreier schokolade. für die traditionellen pancakes war ich heute einfach zu faul🙈aber das heißt nicht,dass es weniger lecker war😁☝🏼den mit schokolade schmeckt einfach jedes frühstück ein stück besser oder was meint ihr ? was gab es eigentlich bei euch heute? wart ihr etwas motivierter als ich😄habt aufjedenfall einen entspannten sonntag🤗\ • • • rezept: ihr braucht 45g haferflocken,5g chia samen,10g vanille protein,süßungsmittel,eine prise salz,50g (soja)joghurt und etwa 350ml flüssigkeit.bringt die flüssigkeit zum kochen und gebt dann die trockenen zutaten dazu.kocht das ganze kurz auf mittlerer stufe weiter,bis die richtige konsistenz erreicht ist.nehmt den brei vom herd und gebt den joghurt dazu.rührt dabei immer gut um. etwas ruhen lassen und am besten mit obst genießen.markiert mich bitte falls ihr es testet damit ich es auch sehen kann🐒 • #oatmeal#chocolate#cleaneats#healthyfood#feedfeed#vegan#breakfast#food#lovefood#veganfood#foodphotography#foodie#frühstück#instafood#foodstyling#bestofvegan#buzzfeedfood#gloobyfood#photooftheday#foodpics#bestoftheday#heresmyfood#foodporn#beautifulcuisines#f52grams#ahealthynut#veganfoodshare#cuisinesworld#cleaneating#plantbased

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This is another super easy way to reduce your fat intake, and you won’t taste much of a difference.

Skimmed milk works wells in porridge like the picture above.

Milk is a fab source of protein and calcium, so make sure you keep it in your diet in some way, but you could choose some of the reduced fat options.

If milk doesn’t agree with you or if you are vegan, then some great options include soya milk, almond milk or cashew nut milk.

5. Choose Reduced Sugar Drinks

Sugar can be a major problem for our health if we consume too much for it.

Not only is it bad for our teeth, it really affects our waistlines too.

A super easy way to cut sugar is to opt for reduced or zero sugar fizzy drinks, which most brands produce now.

You can also buy reduced sugar squashes and cordials, and they don’t really taste any different.

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6. Replace Sugar With Fruit

#vegan chocolate waffle sandwich? yes please 😍served with fresh berries,chocolate granola and sugar free chocolate spread. that was so good! just love waffles and eating dessert for breakfast😛🍫btw the whole recipe is plantbased and sugar free as well! have a great day ahead☺️ • //guten morgen! ich hatte mal wieder total lust auf waffeln😋dieses mal sogar ein gefülltes schoko waffeln sandwich mit beeren,schoko granola und zuckerfreiem schoko aufstrich von @xucker.de . die füllung besteht aus sojajoghurt mit etwas backkako und süßungsmitteln🙂klingt eigentlich total ungesund oder? allerdings habe ich nur pflanzliche zutaten verwendet und auf zucker verzichtet. man könnte also auch gleich mal ein paar mehr essen🙊wer kommt vorbei? jetzt gehe ich aber erstmal eine runde laufen und in die stadt.endlich mal wieder vapiano🤤🍝habt ihr was tolle geplant ? genießt aufjedenfall den tag!\ • • • rezept: ihr braucht 45g vollkornmehl,15g backkako,10g kokosmehl,50g zermatschte banane,100-150ml flüssigkeit (lieber zu wenig,als zu viel),süßungsmittel und etwas backpulver.vermengt alle zutaten zu einem dickflüssigen teig und lasst ihn kurz ruhen .backt die waffeln anschließend im waffeleisen für jeweils 4min.markiert mich bitte falls ihr es testet damit ich es auch sehen kann🐒 • #waffles#chocolate#cleaneats#healthyfood#feedfeed#vegan#breakfast#food#lovefood#veganfood#foodphotography#foodie#frühstück#instafood#foodstyling#bestofvegan#buzzfeedfood#gloobyfood#photooftheday#foodpics#bestoftheday#heresmyfood#foodporn#beautifulcuisines#f52grams#ahealthynut#veganfoodshare#cuisinesworld#cleaneating#plantbased

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Although fruit contains lots of sugar, it is naturally occurring which means it is better for us than refined sugar.

So instead of putting a teaspoon of sugar on your cornflakes, why not replace this with chopped up banana or some raspberries?

They will also count towards your five-a-day too!

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