Olympic Hurdle Champion: Ed Moses

Ed Moses is a two time Olympic champion who, for a ten year period, absolutely dominated the 400 meter hurdles event. Winning 122 races in a row and breaking his own world record four times. He also on some occasions would wear shades whilst competing, like when he won his first Olympic Gold Medal at the Montreal Games in 1976.

Edwin Corey Moses was born in 1955 in Ohio in the U.S.  He went to the historically Black College of Morehouse to study Engineering and Physics, but in his spare time world train for track events at another venue because the College he was going to didn’t have their own track.

By the start of 1976 he had won his race in the U.S. Olympic trails to qualify for the U.S. Olympic team, where he would become the Olympic Champion in the 400 meters hurdles event, whilst setting a world record at the same time, all in his first international tournament.

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He didn’t take part in the Moscow Olympics four years later because of the U.S. boycott.

But he would go on to compete again in the Los Angeles Olympics of 1984, where he became the Olympic Champion for the second time in the 400 meter hurdles.

In his final Olympics in Seoul 1988, despite his best days being behind, he would still manage to win the Bronze medal for the same event which would also be the last of his magnificent career where he won numerous other Gold medals at World Championships.

Off the track, Ed Moses was responsible for starting the Athletes Trust Fund, which enables athletes to train, whilst getting government funding and does not jeopardize them being able to take part of the U.S. Olympic Teams.

Although he didn’t join the Moscow Olympics in 1980 (because of the U.S. boycott) Moses still received numerous awards for his achievements on track and field such as the Jesse Owens Awards and Athlete of the Year for 1980.

He was also the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the year in 1984, beating fellow U.S. athlete Carl Lewis who had won four gold medals at the Olympics that same year.

He has also been an anti-drugs in sports advocate by creating the most strict drug testing for athletes consisting of on the spot off the field tests.

Particularly after 1988 which was no doubt a response to the drug scandal which in a way overshadowed the 1988 Olympics.

Ed Moses has been married to his long term partner since 2007 and with whom he has a son with who was born in 1995.

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