Exotic Locales For The Wanderlust

We all have a bucket list right? Even if you haven’t committed it to paper, you may have an idea of the adventures you want to experience at some point in your life. Travel is usually up there on most people’s lists.

To immerse yourself in other cultures, ways of life or just surround yourself with breathtaking landscapes, nature at it’s finest.

Now while staying closer to home can be friendlier on your bank balance, here’s a list of some far away lands worth the extra expenditure.

Read on fellow wanderlust enthusiasts.


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The land down under. Now it may not be a hidden gem, but it has many hidden treasures within its vast plains.

An ideal winter getaway. Go from gloomy grey skies to tropical white sand beaches.

Spend a week in Cairns, diving the great barrier reef or exploring the Daintree rainforest by going camping on Fraser Island.

Surf at Bondi beach, visit the gardens of Melbourne or catch a live concert. Visit the outback of western Australia, hike in Tasmania, check out the coral bay, or opt for soaking up some culture at the Sydney Opera House.

Dressing up for sun protection as a rule; you will need a wide brimmed hat, high end sunnies for the best UV protection, and activity appropriate gear. Whether it be a flowing summer dress to layer over swimwear and take you into evening activities or a play-suit and sandals. Sport a wet-suit and googles if you are so inclined.

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A safe haven in the Middle East and a must see for every travel savvy individual.

Experience traditional culture with an openness to modernity. Some of the usual hot spots for tourists include the Dead sea, the lowest point on earth, where you can float the day away, or lather up with mud and soak up the sun rays.

Petra is nicknamed the rose city; referring to the colour of the stones, not plant life.

One of the new wonders of the world; try hiking through by day, or enjoy the ambiance of candle lit ruins by night.

Camp in Wadi Rum and take in the full Bedouin experience, go rock climbing or dabble in some extreme sports in the desert terrain.

Local culture with a modern twist can be found in many tourist friendly spots around the capital Amman.

Visit Jabal Al Lweibdeh, and immerse yourself in the culture shock that is the new found Middle East.

Contrary to popular belief, Jordan has quite a lively night life, club scene, bars (generally located in Abdoun or Jabal Amman) and outdoor concerts of local bands (usually starting around April and carrying on throughout the summer months).

Friday souks or markets are bustling with JARA being a local favourite.

Dress modestly here (no cleavage or thigh visible), but otherwise dress for the weather and environment. Swimwear is acceptable at the beach or hotel pool, but not otherwise. Nightlife attire is also venue specific.

Temperatures rise to uncomfortable levels in the summer months, so aim for a visit in the spring or Autumn when it is bearable. It is nearly always sunny in Jordan, so bring those sunnies and SPF.


India, the country that engages all of your senses, even those you didn’t think you had.

A spiritual awakening perhaps, or maybe just a place to get lost amongst the vibrant crowds and find yourself again. It’s a country known for it’s festivals and celebrations.

Whether the colourful Holi in March to welcome spring with a bang (or some coloured powder), or Diwali: the festival of lights (in October).

Goa as a place is a must see. And why not visit during their “full on” carnival season in late February?

The Taj Mahal is a must see, so make a quick stop in Agra, but if you aren’t one for hustle and bustle, make your way to the Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur, take a trip to the hills of Kerala for the calmer Indian experience, and go to the Periyar National Park for a glimpse of some indigenous wild life.

Make sure to immerse yourself in the spiritual side of India by coasting down the Ganges by Varanasi to see the Yogis at work or visit a Hindu temple.

Party People head to Goa, whether carnival season or not, catch a rave or  just lounge your day away on the beach, take your pick.

Remain conservative with attire as much as possible in the heat, as well as to fend off insect bites, but dress to suit the colourful splendor surrounding you. Don mandala prints or lotus themed outfits and feel the OM. Embellished sunnies will fit right in.

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