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Hong Kong has an energy that you would find hard to see anywhere else. Perhaps it is the density that makes the speed of life in this incredible city just that much more intense.

It’s hard to pin-point where the energy comes from, but as soon as you’re in the city, you feel it.

Hong Kong is a great addendum to a trip to mainland China.

Because of the city’s history, it is interesting to see the contrasts between some of the mainland cities and Hong Kong.

Regardless of how long you stay, or how many times you visit for that matter, you will always find something exciting to get involved in.

To start with, however, here are a few suggestions.

Victoria Peak

Take the cable car up to Victoria Peak for a breathtaking view of the city.

The juxtaposition between the dense skyscrapers and the tall trees along the peak is a photographer’s dream.

You can literally spend hours just gazing out into the city from above.

Though the view above is probably the most renowned (because of all the landmark buildings), take a look around at the other sides of Hong Kong that are not so easily seen from sea level.

Stroll The Streets

There is no better way to absorb a city’s energy than to walk its streets, especially where there is a market.

Spend some time walking through the different streets in Hong Kong – whether that be the high street or the smaller alleys.

Keep a watch out on any valuables though, especially if its a crowded street.

The Symphony of Lights

This experience is probably more on the cliche side of your Hong Kong experiences, but if you are around the area, you might as well enjoy the light performance.

Do check online or with your hotel for timings and days when the performance happens.

Eat Local

The joys of traveling is as much about experiencing the delicious food as is it about visiting the sites.

Whilst in Hong Kong, it would be a shame not to make the most of the culinary experiences.

 Try out some amazing dim sum, go for a hot pot, or even have some bubble tea.

There are so many road-side snacks you could also indulge in: be it some egg tarts, bubble waffles or something more savory.

Keep an open mind, you never know what you’ll find.

If you are in Central Hong Kong, you’ll find plenty of restaurants serving food from around the world.

Whilst you are there, you may also want to ride up the world’s longest stretch of outdoor escalators.

It goes up the hill, and can take you 20 minutes to ride the full thing.

Also, it comes in handy if you’re not in the mood to walk uphill.

Ride a Junk Boat

See the city from a different angle – take a ride on a junk boat.

There are many that offer dinner packages, sundowners or simply a ride.

If you do choose to go during sunset, which is recommended, keep a pair of Prada PR 27OS (1/2) handy.

They are stylish and perfect for the occasion.

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Cocktails From Above

In a city with so many skyscrapers, it would be a sin not to find a rooftop bar and enjoy a cocktail and the view.

Hong Kong has lots of great bars, so take your pick.

If you have a few nights, try a few different ones, and maybe at different times of day too – you’ll get a variety of views.

Hong Kong by day and night are so different.


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