Top 5 Eye Care Tips For Summer

Summer is almost here, and it’s time to think about the best ways to keep your eyes protected from the sun. Eye health is something that we should think about all year round. But, with most of us spending more time outdoors during the hotter months, now is the time to start preparing.

Here are 5 ways to look after your eyes this summer!

1. Always Carry Sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential for keeping your eyes protected from harmful UV rays; this is something that you should keep in mind all year round, even in the winter.

In the summer, the sun’s rays can be much stronger and with extended daylight hours, it is more important than ever to pack sunglasses wherever you go.

From a short stroll in the park or for your daily work commute to an island getaway in an exotic destination, always carry a pair of shades. Choose UV400 lenses that can filter out 100% of the sun’s rays, like these affordable yet stylish Savannah 8121 frames for men and women.

Highly protective and at just £10.00 per frame, you can have one for your home, car and office so you’re never caught out in the sun without protection.

2. Invest in Polarized Lenses

If you want maximum protection for your eyes, it could be worth investing in the many high tech lens options available on the market today.

Polarized & specialist lenses that have the ability to block out harmful blue light and reduce problems with glare. For outdoor sports or activities such as driving, the glare reduction helps to provide improved safety by enhancing your vision when the sun is shining.

These Ray-Ban RB3016 – Clubmaster sunnies incorporate a polarized lens for versatile indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for the convenient summer eyewear.

3. Wear a Hat

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If you’re spending a full day outdoors, it’s important to give your eyes maximum protection. Not only will a hat give you complete shade from the high noon sun, but it will keep you hair and skin healthy too.

Although sunglasses can help to block out UV light, they are not 100% effective at protecting your eyelids and your overall eye area from the harmful rays. So a hat is essential during the summer.

For safari, beach holidays or anywhere where you will be experiencing intense levels of sunlight, hats with built in UV fabric are also available to buy. And of course – you can’t forget a good sun block to protect your skin either.


4. Eat Healthy


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A healthy, well-rounded diet can help to dramatically improve eye health.

Some of the best foods for healthy eyes include leafy green veggies, yellow and orange peppers, black currents, blueberries and bilberries, citrus fruits, carrots, salmon and other omega-3 rich fish, organic pastured egg yolks, nuts and seeds, whole grains and low GI foods.

As well as cooking healthy meals every day, it’s important to keep your eyes hydrated (just as you would your skin). So drink plenty of water.

The summer heat can really take its toll on your body so make sure you consume more than you usually would on a cold day. If possible, try to limit alcohol consumption, as this affects your liver and causes a drop in the level of glutathione, an antioxidant that helps protect against eye disease.


5. Use Eye Drops for Dry Eyes

If you suffer from dry eyes, using eye drops could help relieve your discomfort. Not only can dry eye be painful and frustrating but if left untreated, it can in more extreme cases, become permanently harmful to your vision.

Dry eye can lead to light sensitivity and blurred vision. Furthermore, eyes that are not properly lubricated can become more susceptible to scratches or infection.

During summer days with intense and dry heat, it’s important to take extra care if you are a frequent sufferer of dry eye syndrome.

These eyedrops from Systane have been designed to encourage natural lubrication of the eyes and are the perfect size to carry in any travel bag, handbag or pocket. Remember to avoid using old eyedrops and replace your bottle every 3 months.

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