Eyeliner Trends For SS18

Dramatic eyeliner is a key weapon in any make-up lover’s repertoire. While you might not associate the warmer weather with liner, it really can transform your look.

If you get it right, it works just as well around the pool as in the nightclub! From flicks and swooshes to wings, it’s likely you’ve got your go-to look nailed.

Not sure what to try next? Whether you’re a kohl convert or liquid lover, there are lots of fun eyeliner trends to give a go this season.

Add some edge to pretty dresses or spice up your beachwear with these top trends, and matching eyewear to complete your look!


Negative Space

Todays eyes! Negative space eyeliner! Yay or nay? 🙂 👉lindahallberg.com #eotd

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Negative space eyeliner is definitely our #1 liner look right now, and the beauty of it is that you probably already have the skills you need to get it just right.

The idea is simple – where you might normally fill in the gap from the outline you’ve made, instead you let the space in between do the talking. This gives a lot of room to experiment and results can look anything from space-age to vintage depending on your technique.

We love the simple but effective example above, proving a futuristic edge to your look can be easily achieved with minimal effort.

To recreate, simply draw a line from the outer corner of your eye, as you would if you were doing a classic winged effect.

Then bring a second line down from it, as if coming to meet your lower lash line. Draw slightly inwards if you want, or play around with the different effects for varying results.

Opt for edgy rimless frames like the Stellar 268 glasses to really showcase your look! Grab them below.

Stellar 268


Emma Watson

Emma Watson’s eyeliner inverses the style above, with the space moving toward the upper eyelid rather than downwards.

You can accentuate this style by adding eyeshadow in the crease of your lid and working down in a gradient – a great way to change up your look in a flash!


Gigi Hadid

We adore the smokier look from Gigi here, achieved by smudging your lines, or going over them with kohl.

The model also keeps the line going through the crease of her eye, lining the entire length of her upper eyelid for an extra dramatic look.



If negative space has left you feeling inspired, then this next trend will see you go dotty!

This look is very much about playing around with eyeliner as a tool or a pen, rather than as a liner.

Again, it manages to balance a retro (think Twiggy and Bardot vibes) with a modern feel.

Try it yourself by dotting your liner in the middle of your lash line, like Emma Roberts above, and play around with lining up to the dot and smudging to find your statement style.

Extend the dots onto your eyewear for extra style points! Grab the Infinity 113 with their gorgeous muted animal print frames below.

Infinity 113

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Zoe Kravitz


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Lower the dots like Zoë Kravitz so they are further away from your eye for a unique twist on the trend.

Play around, experiment, and see what else you can come up with!

Wear with some semi-rimless frames to make sure those dots are showing:

Hallmark F3026

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