Eyewear for Any Valentine’s Date

Just like a piece of jewellery, your glasses are an accessory to show off your individual personality and unique style. Specs can pull an outfit together. Darker glasses add elegance, and circular frames are fun when paired with a bright statement piece.

Whether you rock the oversized look or pull-off a good pair of aviators, make sure that this Valentine’s Day you give your glasses some love.

Show off your bubbly personality with some bright colours. If you’ve been hiding that fluorescent yellow skirt in your wardrobe for months, there’s no better excuse to bring it out this Valentine’s. But remember to keep it minimal – pair that statement skirt with a plain top and simple black boots. If your face shape is naturally more angular, circular frames should be your go-to. These glasses pair well with bright colours to help you achieve an edgy & modern street style. Sticking to bright but plain clothing can keep those vintage frames looking fresh.

Chiara Visione UCV1010

If a fancy meal is on the cards this Valentine’s, you can’t go wrong with a pair of dark frames. Complimenting a smoky-eye adds to an elegant look, especially if you’re going to bring out that little black dress! As discussed here, pairing your glasses to match your attire is how to own that sophisticated, date-night look. Angular frames are perfect for those of you who have a rounder face shape, so embrace the boldness and show off your classy style.

As the February chill is bitingly cold, wrapping up to stay warm is still a must. Oversized frames look stylish with a chunky-knit cardigan or bomber-style jacket, and certainly make a good conversation-starter! Take these eighties-inspired frames, for example. They pair perfectly with a toasty warm scarf or beanie. If you’re off to a casual cinema date, this is the way to go – plus, there’d be no need to worry about dry eyes if you avoid contact lenses.

Oversized glasses have recently been on the rise; even for those who don’t need prescription glasses. Internet star Zoe Sugg pairs her non-prescription frames with a bomber jacket and berry-coloured lip; a breezy look for a laid-back Valentine’s date.

If aviators are your thing, pairing them with minimalistic clothing can be very effective. Lighter colours such as pastel pinks, sky blues or even crisp whites look great with these frames. Aviators are versatile and can even be paired with a jumpsuit and heels for a sophisticated get-up – perfect for for happy hour! Alternatively, a denim shirt with a pair of skinnies would flatter these larger specs if you’re after something more casual.

Feeling comfortable in your everyday glasses will allow your personality to shine through while boosting your confidence. This is essential for a date night, especially if you’re just getting to know your partner. It’s true when they say that ‘being yourself’ is the best thing to do. Remember – your specs aren’t something to hide behind, they’re not a disguise and they’re certainly not there to take away from your desired look.

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