Eyewear For The Bold

Everyone is busying trying to decipher the latest trends filtering down the catwalk. Some are trying extremely hard to stand out with their choice of eyewear. 

To get an effortless & striking look fit for an extrovert without having to say a word, here are our top eyewear picks below.

Mountaineer Sunglasses

For the avid mountaineer, try Julbo eyewear. See the Julbo 010 VERMONT CLASSIC lenses below.

An unconventional, retro frame. Designed with outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts in mind – think glacier mountaineers or high-altitude climbers and skiers – you get the picture.

Suitable for all forms of sports where there is a prominent level of brightness from the sun. The round lenses and side shields help to protect the eyes from bright lights.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to wear these on your typical daily outings.

Rocking such a bold pair outside is a rarity on the ski chalet, hiking course or snowboarding competition grounds. So?

Be the first. Break the rules and get noticed for your confidence and eyewear choice.

Bright Orange Sun

Wouldn’t this be cool to wear on a bright and sunny day?

The bright sunny Revo Traverse 351036 orange lenses are oh so eye catching. 


Vincent Cassel in Vuarnet – VL1510 CROCHET

Unlike the other two, this pair seems to be the most wearable.

Ideal for those who don’t want to look too extreme or are still trying to discover their personal style. People will look at the curved temples and assume they were designed solely to stop the glasses from falling off your ears.

You know it’s not true and all part of the game – keep them guessing, because that’s what makes these sunglasses so different.

You aren’t worried whether they’re staring at the curved temples or questioning your choice of eyewear. You are just being you.

Steampunk Desert Sunglasses

Tornado almost hit last night but it's fine #jonnydepp #ichabodcrane #sleepyhollow

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Be inspired by Johnny Depp’s steampunk google – Givenchy GV 7038/S

First impression of this eyewear? It reminds me of Johnny Depp’s steampunk goggle in Sleepy Hollow.

Even with features similar to binoculars; it’s still wearable. Of course, you can wear any glasses of choice whilst on a desert holiday.

But, this will be my preferred choice if I’m planning one – that’s why I’ll call these: the desert sunglasses. Why?

Because of the resemblance, the lenses and embossed leather shields have with red sand and the blazing fiery sun.

Talk about being compatible with your environment whilst having a powerful sense of style. No one will be able to rival you.

People will do a double take as you walk by and your mission is achieved.

The Lady In The Red Glasses

Porsche Design Sunglasses

Why not be known as the lady in red glasses? If you are starting to find thick frames a little tiresome, you can opt for red Porsche eyewear.

Yes, these sunglasses are made by Porsche. And just like their cars, you expect nothing less than an outstanding craftsmanship and good attention to details. 

You can appreciate this selection of eyewear if the word ordinary is not in your fashion vocabulary. 

Inspired by the unusual designs? Take a look at the cutest butterfly framed sunglasses

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