Eyewear Fit For Winter

The countdown to winter has begun. As we continue to fly through September and onto autumn’s colourful transition, with each passing day the sun gets a little lower and the trees a little barer.

Though we’re still in September and winter solstice is still a while away yet, it definitely feels colder out there!

As the air get cooler, the temperature drops and we reach for our warmer clothes jackets, we’re starting to prepare for winter.

Yes, we’re already unpacking our thick, padded coats, hats and scarves in preparation to weather the upcoming season.

However, while you’re preparing to protect every other part of your body, one vital piece of winter equipment tends to get habitually overlooked this time of year: sunglasses.

Despite popular opinion, winter does require a pair of shades.

Just because the temperature has dropped outside doesn’t mean the sun has completely stopped producing harmful UV rays.

Yes, the days are short and the sun not as strong, but it’s the angle of the sun in the sky that has the potential to damage the eye.

In winter the sun is at a  low angle, and because of this we’re exposed to more direct UV rays.

Going further into winter and there’s snow to bare in mind.

Snow is known to reflect up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays upward directly into our eyes, the strength of which is compounded as elevation increases.

It’s best to wear sunglasses at all hours of the day outdoors, specifically those with grey, mirrored, amber, or black lenses.

These greatly reduce, and sometime even completely block, the amount of harmful rays coming your way.

Still not sure what you’re looking for?

Take a look at a few of our winter sun sunglasses suggestions below.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster

The classic old school sunglasses never go out of fashion.

Worn by urban trendsetters and retro lovers alike, the classic Ray-Bans don’t discriminate.

When it comes to the Clubmaster, you’re guaranteed to look mid-century, rock n’ roll cool.

The style comes in lots of options.

With an acetate frame, a set of polarized lenses that are both scratch and impact resistant and adjustable nose pads for enhanced comfort, you’ll never need another pair of sunglasses again.

They’re a pair that simply won’t go out of style.

Go for the Ray-Ban RB3016 Outsiders Clubmaster frames for the ultimate rock n’ roll look.

Oliver Peoples Braedon

If you’re the type of person who looks toward the likes of Jay-Z and Robert Downey Jr. for style tips, then the ultimate choice for you is a pair of the Braedon style Oliver Peoples sunglasses.

They’re crafted in the classic aviator-style and made from tortoiseshell acetate and gold-tone metal.

Each pair of Braedon’s also offers 100 percent UV protection and is fitted with dark brown lenses for ample protection from winter sunlight.

Pick up a pair of Oliver Peoples OV5340SU Braedon to block out the winter sun in style.

Julbo Vermont

For the ultimate winter protection, a frame such as the Julbo 010 Vermont will see you through and ensure protection against the elements.

The traditional mountaineering glasses are a timeless piece, a signature of our the brands mountaineering history.

Rock stars, mountaineers and Julbo fans from all walks of life have sung their praise.

This is the brand’s traditional frame with round lens, a leather nose piece and leather side shields.

The Julbo Vermont is an iconic classic, as well as being a functional and trustworthy product.

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