Eyewear Inspo from Iconic Movie Characters

Iconic Movie Characters

Movie characters possess certain traits which help them connect with the people of the real world. They inspire many people to accomplish missions, do good deeds, and act sensibly in real life.

Most of the on-screen fictional characters are also popular for their sense of fashion and style.

Even the eyewear worn by them have become a trend in the real world.

This article features some of the most popular bespectacled movie characters, along with matching frames from SelectSpecs.

So, read on to find out the eyewear style of some of the most iconic movie characters.


Harry Potter

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Harry Potter, the famous wizard from Hogwarts, is one of the most loved movie characters of this era.

The ‘Boy Who Lived’ was first introduced by novelist J. K. Rowling in the series of Harry Potter fantasy novels.

The character, Harry Potter, doesn’t look complete without his round spectacles and lighting shaped scar.

In fact, the unique round glasses form a part of the boy wizard’s identity.

To get the Harry Potter inspired look, grab these round Infinity D8732 glasses available at SelectSpecs.

Infinity D8732

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Clark Kent

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The picture shows the popular comic-book character Clark Kent transforming into Superman.

Clark Kent is a normal guy who works as a reporter for the highly successful ‘Daily Planet’ news organization.

Known to be an introvert, Clark conceals the identity of Superman by wearing formal clothes and dark-framed glasses.


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Clark’s usual wardrobe consists of a formal suit and a red coloured necktie with black-rimmed spectacles.

The dark framed specs worn by Clark Kent is best suited for a complete formal attire.

To get the Clark Kent inspired look, go for the i Wear 6060 glasses available at SelectSpecs.

i Wear 6060



Peter Parker

The picture above shows Peter Parker/Spiderman from the movie titled ‘The Amazing Spiderman’.

Peter Parker is a shy, smart and good-looking teenager who lives with his Uncle and Aunt in New York City.

After getting bit by an irradiated spider, Peter gains incredible powers which help him fight crime and save the citizens in trouble.


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One of the brightest students in Midtown High School, Peter Parker wears his father’s glasses.

Peter usually sports a full-sleeved casual round-neck tee with matching trousers and stylish loafers.

The geek glasses of Peter Parker are a perfect match for his casual style of dressing.

Grab these Oliver Peoples OV5005 LARRABEE glasses to match the look of Peter Parker!

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Thomas Anderson / Neo

The Matrix film franchise features the popular character named Neo aka Thomas A. Anderson.

Neo is a highly intelligent person who possesses strong skills in math, science and logical reasoning.

Wearing a high profile black leather attire, Neo never fails to enhance his look, even while in combat.

One just cannot stop admiring Neo’s super-cool sunglasses which are known to be shatterproof and resistant to UV rays.

To get the Neo inspired look, check out these cool Maui Jim Makaha sunglasses from SelectSpecs.

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Men in Black

The picture shows Agent K and Agent J from the popular ‘Men In Black’ film franchise.

MIB (Men In Black) is a secret organization which works to protect the earth from alien invasion.

The wardrobe of the MIB consists of a classic black suit with a white shirt, and a black tie, along with a number of unique accessories.

Not to mention the dark matching shades and alien-destruction gadgets which add extra glamour to their look.

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The ultra-stylish Terminator, aka T-800, is a machine which fights against all the machines sent by Skynet for assassination missions.

The Terminator has a live tissue covering its solid metal structure, making it look like a human being.

Wearing a stylish leather jacket with a black shirt, black boots, and custom trousers, the Terminator looks ready for combat in the above picture.

The major highlight of the frame happens to be the dark sunglasses worn by the hard-core machine.

Grab the Oakley OO9263 TURBINE POLARIZED shades to match the look of the Terminator!



James Bond

The popular character James Bond is a British secret service agent who set outs on various missions involving high risk and danger.

James Bond film series is well-known for its catchy theme music, beautiful Bond girls, dashing cars, cool gadgets and top-quality guns.

Another main attraction of the James Bond movies is the variety of costumes and eyewear used by agent James Bond.

From old-fashioned sunglasses to the modern-day aviators, Bond always boosts his style with some shades.

Get the super-stylish James Bond look by using the Serengeti Cosmopolitan ANDREA shades, available at SelectSpecs.

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Ace Ventura

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The ultra-hilarious ‘Ace Ventura’ is considered to be one of the all-time favourite fictional movie characters.

Ace Ventura is an eccentric private detective who helps to find out missing animals.

Known for his flashy costumes, hilarious talk, and cool looks, Ventura somehow ends up solving the case in the end.

Ventura’s signature costume consists of an extremely colourful Hawaiian print shirt paired with black/red trousers.

The dark sunglasses and the long goofy hairdo form a part of Ace Ventura’s signature style.

Steal Ace Ventura’s style by using these glossy Oakley OO9331 STRAIGHTLINK shades.


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