Eyewear Inspo From Popular Video Game Characters

A number of video games feature plots similar to real-life incidents.

We get to see many real-life characters, locations, accessories, and other fine details in games.

Even the eyewear worn by video game characters can serve as fashion inspiration.

This article features some of the bespectacled characters from globally popular video games and the best eyewear pieces to match.

Hal Emmerich / Otacon – Metal Gear

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The Metal Gear Solid game series has a number of cast ranging from super soldiers, cyber ninjas, and regular humans.

Developed by Konami, this action/adventure video game series features a recurring character named Hal “Otacon” Emmerich.

Otacon is a guy who’s known for his high intelligence and cyber hacking abilities.

He is the employee of ArmsTech and the engineer of the Metal Gear REX.

The character Otacon is also portrayed as a nerd who’s a big fan of anime.

As with all nerds, the glasses form the main trait of the character.

Grab these Infinity glasses to match the look of Otacon!


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Bayonetta is a 3D hack-and-slash video game which features the protagonist named Bayonetta (Cereza).

Developed by PlatinumGames, Bayonetta is set in a fictional European city known as Virgid.

Bayonetta, the fictional character, is a witch who uses various firearms and possess shape-shifting powers.

She can perform a number of magical attacks on opponents, and summon demons using her long hair.

Bayonetta’s wardrobe can be described as fetish attire which consist of a dark vest & leather jumpsuit, stylish earrings, a necklace, and stilettos.

The sexy raven-haired witch also sports librarian glasses which make her a mysterious and intelligent person.

Grab these cool Infinity glasses to look like the sexy Bayonetta!

Litchi Faye Ling – BlazBlue

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BlazBlue is a 2D fighting/action video game series developed by Arc System Works.

Litchi Faye Ling is a renowned doctor who lives in Orient town.

The pink-eyed attractive Asian lady is portrayed as a person who strives to helps others in need.

While in combat, Litchi is seen wearing an unbuttoned red vest with a long red skirt, a yin-yang brooch, and red Chinese style shoes.

She also wears red framed glasses which go well with her red colored attire.

To get the Litchi inspired look, check out these stylish MaxMara Occhiali glasses.

Adam Jensen – Deus Ex

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Adam Jensen is the protagonist of the action FPS video game named Deus Ex.

Jensen is a mechanically augmented American who works for the SWAT and Task Force 29.

Adam’s only mission was to assist the Task Force team in finding and capturing terrorists.

He wears the special armored suit with a vest and dark sunglasses.

Grab these Oakley sunglasses to match the look of Adam!

Kyoko Minazuki – Rival Schools series

The 3D fighting game River Schools features Kyoko Minazuki as one of the characters.

Kyoko is a beautiful lady who is well-known for her wit and style.

She is an expert in orthopedics and possess two special attacks.

Kyoko’s attire features a white lab coat, a dark pink turtleneck shirt, and a black short skirt.

She also wears glasses, a green pendant, and carries a black pamphlet with her during combat.

Buy these Infinity glasses to match the look of Kyoko!

Lady – Devil May Cry

Lady (Mary) is a human devil hunter who appears in the Capcom action/adventure game ‘Devil May Cry’.

She is known to be a very fierce person who’s main aim was to hunt down and exterminate all the demons.

As a result of heterochromia, her left eye is red and right eye is bluish-green in color.

Lady’s attire consists of a white colored jacket, white short shorts and scarlet gloves.

She also wears a necklace, sunglasses, and knee high brown boots.

Check out these Sunset sunglasses which look similar to the one worn by Lady.

Albert Wesker – Resident Evil

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Albert Wesker is the main antagonist of the Resident Evil video game series.

He is known to be a cunning person whose only mission was to transform and take control of the entire world.

Albert sports a dark colored attire with a jumpsuit, coat, gloves and dark glasses.

Grab these Solo Collection glasses to match the look of Albert!


Keats – Folklore

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Keats is one of the leading characters in the action video game named Folklore.

He is a journalist who writes for the ‘Unknown Realms’ magazine.

Keats, along with the other leading character Ellen, sets out to unravel the mystery of the Doolin village.

The fighter Keats wears a dark velvet attire with round glasses.

Grab these round Ray-Ban shades to match the look of Keats!

Check out the fashion inspired by Resident Evil Video Game Characters

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