Fairy Tale Fashion

Have a Harry Potter book or two on that shelf? Find yourself drawn towards all things mystical and make-believe? Day dream about far away lands, filled with miraculous mythical creatures? Unicorns, mermaids, and black cats, oh my! If you enjoy a bit of whimsy in your wonderland, read on.

Flowing fabrics and iridescent sheen. Colours galore from locks to accessories. It can be as mainstream as a pair of shiny shades to glitter eyelashes, or as out there as a “ready to swim” latex mermaid tail.

Here are three ways to add a bit of fanciful fashion or magical marvel to your next look.

Mermaid Tails, Not Tears

Ideally, this look is all about beachy, carefree, little mermaid style attire.

Disney princesses aside, ready your sparkly scales, sequins, and shades of green and purple. Safely fake tanned skin, salt spray tousled waves and some shell accessories top off a tulle skirt that mirrors the flow of movement through water.

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A fun graphic t-shirt or satin corset can match the pastel tones of mermaid-esque hair. Shimmering eye-shadow and glittery nail-polish accented by metallic heels or flats, and a pair of shades as cool as clear blue ocean tides. Mermaid tail optional.

Rainbow Bright Unicorn

An array of jewel tones and multicoloured knick knacks, rainbow coloured stripes from cut-off shorts to perfume bottles. Comfy tennis shoes or sky high heels, all in rainbow hues.

Chunky glitter and slogan crop tops or cereal bowls and fluffy slippers have you set, whether you are staying home for a cozy day in or out and about conquering the world with your super powers, unicorn print leggings are another quirky option, that takes you from your morning workout to running errands seamlessly.

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Accessorise your home with a unicorn poster or yourself with unicorn themed jewellery. Don’t forget to add some handy and temporary clip in extensions for a pop of colour without the commitment of dye, or opt for some rainbow shades.

Black Cat’s Meow

Although not a mythical creature by any means, kitties have their fair share of mythical attributes, whether you choose to believe them or not. Nine lives may not be enough for some cat lovers. Here’s some fun ways to celebrate our furry friends through fashion.

A slouchy oversized sweater keeps you toasty warm, add some fluttering lashes and and a flick of winged liner emphasise the perfect cat eye. Smokey eyeshadow adds emphasis for a purrfect evening look.

Adorable cat faced ballet flats are comfy as well as stylish. Pair with a summery cat print dress in warmer weather or layer with a faux fur cat ear hoodie in colder months.

Cat themed accessories for yourself or your abode come in the shape of figurines and candles or jewellery and watches. Some cat eye specs not only give you feline worthy vision, but are bedazzled and just plain bewitching to boot.

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