Famous Fashion Designers Who Rock in Glasses

famous fashion designers who wear glasses

Fashion is a true art and if you look at the creators behind the clothes, you’re always bound to find something interesting. Fashion designers are artists in their own right, so it’s no surprise that many of them are seriously well-dressed.

In fact, many famous designers have become pretty acclaimed for their personal wardrobe choices and we like them even better when they know how to style a pair of specs. Here are some famous fashion designers who know how to really rock in glasses…

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood is one of the most iconic women in the industry and she’s known for working the retro vibe.

Her specs are a 50s or 60s inspired design made from classic acetate, and you can get the look with these Prada PR 18PV glasses, featuring an ivory frame front and havana contrast. prada glasses

Eudon Choi

Born in Korea, Eudon Choi initially trained as a menswear designer in Seoul but later moved into women’s fashion at London’s Royal College of Art. He set up his eponymous label in 2009 and has won several awards since.

His personal style is polished, slick, and just a little bit nerd chic. Get his geek chic glasses with the men’s JOOP Eyewear 81056 aviator style specs. geek chic glasses mens

Iris Apfel

@monsemaison runway show, behind the scenes Photo by: The Depp Diary

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Although Iris Apfel made her name as an interior designer, she’s a major fashion icon. At the age of 95, she’s still leading the way in fashion and she’s best known for her cool purple hair, her eccentric dress sense, and her trademark glasses.

Her ovesized specs give her the Iris Apfel signature look and we’re just impressed that she’s still killin’ it in her 90s. What a style legend. Steal her look with these super cool Miu Miu MU 06NV frames. iris apfel glasses style steal miu miu

Karl Lagerfeld

Better known for rocking shades than prescription spectacles, Karl Lagerfeld has created a signature look for himself. So much so that his unique style – which combines a sharp suit, dark shades and slicked back hair – is instantly recognisable.

Steal his sunnies with the bold Karl Lagerfeld KL871S frames, available in a stand-out Matte Black.

karl lagerfeld sunglasses

 For more inspiration from a fashion icon take a look at Marion Cotillard’s chic shades!

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