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SelectSpecs Fashion Ambassadors

In this feature, we will regularly show you both the trendiest and most interesting characters, that are selected by our team. The Ambassadors will get the opportunity to vote for their favourite SelectSpecs frames.

The Ambassadors will also be asked questions so that we can get to know them better!

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This is Sam Murphy

We are proud to present Sam Murphy as a SelectSpecs Fashion Ambassador! She shared her amazing story and took us through her journey so far. She is a really interesting character who also knows a great deal about fashion. We spotted her on Instagram.

Her story

I’m a northern born actress originally from Leeds. However, I decided to move to London after graduating from College and it’s proven to be the most interesting but exciting journey so far. As a Yorkshire girl I’m used to chatting to anyone, be it on public transport or in my local shop. I’m also used to driving everywhere, having much more money, nipping round to see my grandparents or friends, living in a nice warm house and being in bed within a reasonable hour. So as you can imagine, London came as a slight culture shock.  It’s a big, crazy, hectic city. I have found that it is rare that anybody speaks to you.  If they do, they are usually weird.  In London, it’s impossible to have extra spending money, let alone save any.  I have no means of nipping round to see my family or friends and I seem to squeeze far more hours out of the day, sometimes getting up at 4.30am for work or even getting a train home at 10.30pm from a shopping trip in the Westfield centre which I’m doing right now! Despite all that, the big smoke hasn’t eaten me alive and I’m having the most amazing time. I am learning lots about myself and life.  London has so many exciting opportunities happening at ALL times. It has great transport meaning you get to discover so many amazing places. It is the city of Theatre (new and old), fashion, music …….. everything.  So after lots of adjusting to the London life I now feel that I have really begun to enjoy life, discover myself and explore new avenues. I’m also looking forward to my next few exciting years ahead.


Name: Sam Murphy

Age: 25

Where do you live? London


What do you do? Musical Theatre Actress

Which glasses did you vote for in our SelectSpecs range: Infinity A1505

Infinity A1505

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How would other people describe you? I talk too much, I buy too many clothes and I’m everybody’s agony aunt! Oh and I’m known to be just a little bit indecisive!

Where can we follow you on the social media? On Twitter @SamMurphyJ


If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Oh that’s a tough one…… I think it would have to be Prawns.

If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why? So many people. I would love to experience any life that’s extremely different to my own. Maybe an astronaut, a solider or stunt woman!

What is the weirdest thing about you? I don’t know if it’s weird or if it’s just sad but I still sleep with my teddy from when I was a baby. She’s a dog called Zoe but everyone thinks that she’s a sheep because she lost her nose! Poor Zoe.

Who is your current (fashion, career) inspiration and why? Fearne Cotton for fashion because she could wear a bin bag and look good. She always looks amazing no matter if she’s dolled up or rocking a bit of a qwirky number! Career it would have to be a Musical Theatre Actress called Caissie Levy, I’m obsessed and could listen to her sing all day. After seeing her perform live in London’s West end I was totally blown away. Her voice is beautiful and she is an incredible actress.


How do you benefit from your glasses? These glasses go with anything as they are so versatile. I can wear them to smarten up an outfit or also to make my outfit look a little edgier.

What product or service do you find ridiculously overpriced? Houses in London! It’s craziness!

Current celebrity crush? Bradley Cooper

Top three of your favourite movies? Harry Potter, The Notebook and Flashdance!

What would you say to the person who is reading this right now? Be happy in whatever you do in life. Who cares what anybody else thinks……. If it makes you happy do it!


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