Fashion Bloggers Australia: Which Style Are You?


There is something about Australia, perhaps the long sandy beaches, hot deserts, tanned bodies with white t-shirts, safari hats and nothing but flip-flops, that make us think Aussies must know everything there is to know about the sun and hot weather!

Funnily enough, although the mercury in thermometers are beginning to descend here in the UK, Australians are experiencing quite the opposite and that’s because they’re just about to start their summer and finish their winter.  Making this a perfect chance for us to get familiar with the trends from their winter which has just past, for ours which is about come (including stylish shades, of course.).

Fashion Bloggers Australia

So who should we look to for inspiration?  In past years, the Australian fashion scene has become more influential and recognised among true fashion lovers worldwide.  With special thanks to the Fashion Bloggers TV show just finishing its second season.

All of the girls have their unique fashion choices, which one do you take after?

Sara Donaldson

Round Ray-Bans. Have they won you over yet? A photo posted by SARA DONALDSON (@harperandharley) on

Sara Donaldson is the girl with an impeccable sense of style; a true queen of minimalism and achromatic combinations, indeed! This summer, (when it was a winter Down Under!) besides her olive hue skin, she flaunts a pair of round Ray-Bans which – that in her own words – won her over completely!

We are proud to present you a similar model, an ideal addition to your achromatic style, the undying RB3475Q model:ray-ban-round-sunglasses-at-selectspecsBuy Now »

Zanita Whittington

On the other hand, there’s the passionate representative of colourful clothes, a bohemian princess, Zanita; a ravishing blonde known for her modern interpretation of hippie style. This summer (or winter, we’re a bit confused!) she sported a new pair of sunnies that added a dose of a more contemporary feel to her particular retro style.

We assume that these look suspiciously like a pair of Céline’s CL 41082/S, which we also have available:celine-sunglasses-at-selectspecs

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Kate Waterhouse

Summer suede New outfit post now live on blog. Hair: @valonzhaircutters 📷 @hatrikkk A photo posted by Kate Waterhouse (@katewaterhouse7) on

The most feminine style is characteristic for Kate, the classiest girl from the group. And like a true fashion patroness, she decided to spend time on the Italian coast while wearing a pair of shades of her choice.

Now, we can’t tell the exact model Kate wore, but we reckon that she would have her eyes on these feminine Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses, under the name KL865S, with a soft, elegant design and gradient lenses: karl-lagerfeld-sunglasses-at-selectspecs

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Amanda Shadforth

Midweek city views above this cityscape shooting location .. A photo posted by Amanda Shadforth (@oraclefoxblog) on

A clean and completely minimalistic style, with an occasional dose of masculinity belongs to a girl that stands behind a fashion blog named Oracle Fox. Her outfits are often moderate and somewhat reduced, but this girl never goes outside without a pair of prominent shades!

Browsing her recent Instagram photos, we’ve accidentally come across a pair of her summer/winter favourite! And guess what? We have an exact match here, we’re talking about Celine’s CL 41026/S model with an atypical shape and in navy/maroon colour combo!

celine-sunglasses-at-selectspecsBuy Now »

Nadia Fairfax

Then there’s the every day girl, who drums up a bit of love from all of us.  Like many of us, she might not be anywhere near the supermodel height but she still manages to pull off a supermodel style in the clothes she picks for her frame.

A perfect example here is proving to everyone you can wear a long skirt with flats, with masculine Dior Homme DIORCOMPOSIT 1.0 sunglasses:

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Over the years, these girls have become true ambassadors of style and their country. Which Aussie style do you find the most appealing?

Have we inspired you to mix in sunglasses with your summer, autumn or winter look? Tell us all about it in the section below!

Feature images from @fashionbloggerstv Instagram

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