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As a university student, I often get frustrated or disappointed at the seemingly high prices of clothes – even in high-street stores. A thirty pound top is certainly quite a treat if I do venture to the shops.

With that in mind, I tend to limit the amount I spend on new clothes (especially if I don’t really need them).

But it is possible to spend less by changing your shopping habits. I’ve visited lower-priced shops such as Primark and Matalan, in a bid to try and find something just as nice for half the price.

And, in fact, I was fairly surprised by how similar their ranges were to the ranges of high-street stores.

Similar designs, patterns and colours populated the floor. It was only on close inspection that I could see the difference in fabric quality.

To overcome this problem, certain measures can be taken. For example, using a pilling comb can help keep knitted clothes bobble-free, and wearing an underdress can make fabrics look thicker.

In an attempt to change shopping habits, I’ve browsed through Instagram accounts of these lower-cost brands, and found some lovely outfits that you can make your own.

Reuse Old Jewellery

Embroidered bomber jackets add a feminine touch to your outfit.

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With this outfit by George (the clothing brand at Asda), you could easily glam it up with some silver jewellery and heels.

But don’t go out buying new accessories – stick to the ones you already have.

Dig out your old jewellery box as you never know what you may have forgotten about.

Add a Belt

Our new spring collection launches online and in store tomorrow. Watch this space….

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Just by adding a waist belt with this dress, you can make the whole look seem more expensive.

It’s such a simple way to make more of an impact, while still keeping things casual.

Choose a leather (or faux leather) one in either blue or brown, and wear matching shoes to bring the look together.

Do Some DIY

Buying a pair of plain shoes means you’re free to decorate to your own taste. Attach broaches to add some sparkle, for example.

Another tip: faux suede generally looks more expensive then faux leather, so look out for that when you’re scouring the shops.

Opt For Budget Eyewear

Your eyes will be just as protected from the sun with a lower-cost pair of sunnies.

These cat-eye frames are under twenty pounds and would still coordinate well with the outfit above by Matalan. The angular design would suit a rounder face shape.

An Outfit Under £20

This pretty look from Primark comes in at sixteen pounds. Yes, sixteen.

The summery outfit would be perfect for holidays in the sun, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Denim can be expensive, so opting for a ‘denim look’ would be more cost-effective, without steering too far away from your desired look.

You could add your own belt, creating a centre piece, or just keep things simple. Either way, an outfit for this price can’t go amiss!

If you want to save the pennies, don’t be afraid to change your shopping habits. Updating your summer wardrobe can be costly, so be sure to browse the supermarkets before you go splashing the cash.


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