Feeling Catty ??

cat-eye glasses

Channel your inner feline with some retro inspired cat-eye frames.

First seen on old Hollywood movie stars of the 50s and 60s, cat eye frames made their glamorous resurgence last year and are still at the forefront of popularity for the upcoming seasons. Some things never go out of style and there isn’t a truer statement when it comes to the ever glamorous cat eye sunglasses. From Audrey Hepburn to modern day stars like Victoria Beckham, with over five decades between them and still sporting the illustrious style of the cat-eye.

cat eye 5

Seen on some of our most favourite celebrities, from Lady Gaga to Olivia Palermo, and let’s not forget Nicole Richie, seen in her favourite thick rimmed cat eye frames that effortlessly go with everything from the most subtle outfit to a chic party dress.

cat eye 1

The versatility of cat-eye frames means they look great on a variety of different face shapes, adding definition, old school glamour and edge to an otherwise classic outfit, or even as an effortless way to add to some oomph to any outfit.

cat eye 2

Still, if the trend seems too bold and dramatic for you, never fear, cat-eye sunglasses are available in a wide variety of shapes from the subtle, adding a touch of understated retro glamour to the downright out there, as evidenced by Lady Gaga’s eccentric frames with the true exaggerated cat-eye flick. Our great selection of cat-eye sunglasses range from bold, statement eye wear like these gorgeous D&G pair to the more understated and sleek like these gorgeous Tom Ford’s.

cat eye 4

Cat-eye sunglasses can be a true style weapon and incorporating them into your wardrobe fashion is crucial to looking unquestionably fabulous. Whether you’re out to lunch with friends, out on a romantic date, jetting off to your favourite city destination or even on your routine shopping spree dressed casually; some classic black cat-eye sunglasses never fail; simple yet stunning.

cat eye 3

Thanks to classic sex symbol Marilyn Monroe and style icon Audrey Hepburn, the 50s and 60s proved the elegance and versatility of the cat-eye shape, defining them as the feminine eye wear of choice. More than fifty years later and the style is still alive and trending, gracing it’s sultry, sophisticated curves on some of the 21st century’s most enduring celebrities.

cat eye 6

However you choose to wear the trend, subtle and sophisticated or bold with real statement eyewear, don’t be afraid to embrace your inner pinup, and give this trend a try!

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