Top 5 Ways To Feign Confidence

We all have those moments where we need to appear confident. Whether you have a job interview, need to do a presentation, you’re meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time or you are making your first appearance at the gym, being able to feign confidence is super useful.

It is normal to be nervous and to have little wobbles about the big moments in our lives – that makes you human!

But, if you can appear more confident, you will open yourself up to new opportunities, forge new relationships, and grow as a person.

Keep reading below for quick and easy ways to help you fake that all importance confidence!


1. Smile

A smile (even if it is fake) is a great way to instantly look more confident to those around you.

By smiling and looking happy you will appear self-assured and will also help to put others at ease around you.

People are drawn to friendly and open looking people, and a smile will make you look just that!

Useful for when you’re making a business pitch or meeting your boyfriend’s mates.

Inadvertently, smiling will make you feel a little happier and less nervous too, as smiling releases feel-good endorphins into your body.

2. Eye Contact


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Make eye contact with those around you to instantly appear super confident.

Nervous people will avoid all forms of eye contact and will instead look at the ground, towards the exit or at their phone.

Instead, look up, smile and make eye contact with those scary people!

This also assures people that you are listening to them and that you care what they have to say – and you won’t appear rude.

3. Dress Well

Make sure that wherever you are going or whatever you are doing, that your dress so you are comfortable and look fabulous!

You don’t want to be at the gym for the first time worrying about your leggings falling down or your trainers giving you blisters, for example.

Wear clothes which are appropriate for the situation, fit you well, and are super flattering.

It helps to have a ‘trial run’ of these clothes before you wear them for your big event.

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4. Breathe Deeply

When one gets nervous their breathing starts to become more rapid and shallow.

This makes people talk faster and their voice pitch gets higher and thus they sound more nervous.

Before making a big speech or going into a room of people, ready yourself by taking a few deep breaths.

This will instantly calm your nerves slightly.

Then, once you are speaking, remember to slow your speaking down and take breaks to take a few deep breaths.

5. Positive Mental Attitude

Make sure that try to think as positively as possible about a situation before going into it.

For example if you are giving a presentation, for a few days beforehand, visualize it going really well and everyone loving what you have to say.

This sounds silly, but it is amazing how adopting a ‘PMA’ attitude will affect you in real life.

Have you heard the phrase “You attract what you fear?”

This is a good point: if you fear making a complete idiot of yourself, you will increase the possibility of this happening.

If you think everyone hates you, then you increase the likelihood of this!

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