Feng Shui 101

What is Feng Shui exactly? Many think it to be some sort of exclamation for expensive interior design where rooms and spaces in the house are rearranged in a certain way in order to look more peaceful and admirable.

It shows some sort of personal wellbeing, and at times, costly furniture and decor is bought to conform to the dogma that the Chi (energy) will only, in that way, be able to flow and bring prosperity in our lives.

Possibly, with the right Chi comes along good fortune.

But Feng Shui is more than a trending term.

Feng Shui is a life philosophy that sees the universe as part of all of us where we are little units forming a whole picture of pure serenity.

As our homes are a great part of our lives, they gives us the comfort and security to help find and define ourselves.

We seek to arrange the interior to attract fortune, such as health, money, and love (as the most important ones for many of us) and happiness that has always been our primordial goal.

Many forget that money is not often required, but an actual commitment to ourselves in order to attend to our needs.


Get Rid Of Clutter

What is more valuable than freedom?

Personally, I have moved around the world so often, that I had to get rid of all the things that would stand in my way so I could move freely.

You don’t have to be so radical about it, but as a matter of fact clutter attracts complications and makes your life heavier.

Maybe you don’t need to keep magazines and newspapers you have been saving in the drawers, or the birthday cards you receive every year.

The best thing to do is to keep it simple from the very beginning.

Think before you acquire: Do you really need it, and will it be helpful in your life?

Keep Windows Unblocked & Clean

So easy to do but so rarely done.

The way you see the world from your house when you wake up will mark it for the rest of the day.

Fresh, clean windows bring in a fresh breeze.

Listen To More Music

Listen to something inspiring that makes you see the world from a different angle, widen your horizon and open your heart.

Recently, I went to the Musics of the World Festival in Sines.

I highly recommend BCUC: an African band with soul and power in their lyrics.

In fact, what is important is the mood you set yourself in by listening to it.

Remember that music with strong chi will fill your rooms.

Use Mirrors

They are reflectors of our mood, and perfect reminders of your appearance in front of other people.

Besides, they are great amplifiers of rooms.

Maintain Contact With Nature

Go to the seaside, and if you do not live close by the ocean, go to the forest.

Or simply let the sun shine on your skin and the wind whisper in your ear.

Pay attention to how your mood changes to a more basic state that does not demand anything.

Bring in some green to your house; best your favourite flower.

That will bring you inner pleasure whenever you glimpse at it.

Do one change after the other.

Let time space in between to see if the changes influence you positively in any way, or if it doesn’t have an effect on you at all.

Keep it simple and even better, keep it the way you like it.

Most importantly, Feng Shui begins with you.

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