7 Accounts You Need To Follow On Instagram

Do you find yourself yawning as you scroll through your Instagram feed because it all looks the same? Need a little inspiration?

Too many black and white selfies, extravagant travel pics or people’s squad and relationship #goals getting you down?

Well we’ve gathered some accounts to brighten up your feed, from humour, to photography, beauty, fashion and quotes, to give you an all round Insta experience.


We spy lenses by #SelectSpecs 👀 RP @nicolerodger

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Food, fashion and decor, all in the same post. Your go to account for fashion inspiration of the spectacle variety.

From beauties donning specs to all that’s new in fashion and lifestyle.

Add a little something different and upbeat to your feed, or just a little something aesthetically pleasing, now.

And while you’re at it, grab a pair of those specs everyone is wearing too:


You need at least one beauty blogger in your feed, to keep you up to date with all that’s new in the world of beauty and lifestyle, travel, fashion, food, etc.

More girl next door than your average beauty blogger, Jen is relatable, and will add a pop of fun and colour to your feed.

Don these rose colored girly girl sunnies and channel her vibe.

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YES 🙌Tag a friend who might need this reminder right now. 💗

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A dose of inspirational, upbeat, go get them quotes on a daily basis can only be a good thing right?

Follow Happsters for all that plus the occasional puppy picture, because well, why not?

Get a pair of gorgeous green specs, all the better to read those quotes with.

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Storytelling through pictures, in one word, breathtaking.

Not just your average travel or landscape snaps, these photographs really make you stop for a second to take a closer look, or take you on a trip down memory lane, there is a certain emotional depth to them that hits you right in the feels.

Tell your own story with these sunglasses, a dramatic one.


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Eclectic, eccentric, and mesmerizing. Whether it’s her out there bohemian inspired fashion sense, her boo Robert Pattinson, or the ethereal look in her eyes, her Instagram account is a work of art.

Follow for your dose of the strange, sultry and beautiful. Channel her vibes with these starry eyed sunnies.


Arya Stark, GOT, enough said. Maisie Williams also has an adorable sense of humour, and doesn’t shy away from a little activism, she’s also so down to earth it’s beyond endearing.

Follow for a celebrity Instagram that isn’t constant self promotion and photoshopped to perfection, but just an average 20 year old who happens to be famous.

Here’s a pair of Maisie-esque sunglasses to get you started.


Last but not least, the very Instagram touch of humour known as Satire Gram, that takes a hilarious look at Instagram trends and how we can disrupt our own lives in pursuit of keeping up with them.

Have a laugh while scrolling as laughter is good for the soul, now get following.

Can’t get enough of the gram? More Instagram fashion inspiration here.

Tag #SelectSpecSelfie for a chance to be featured on our page!

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