From iPhone to Eyewear: The Best Rose Gold Sunglasses

The Best Rose Gold Sunglasses

When Apple introduced ‘Rose Gold’ as an iPhone colour with the debut of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus last year, it proved an immediate hit.  Now there are signs that more and more people – even men – are waking up to the appeal of rose gold, with a growing trend in eyewear.

Rose Gold: A History

The name of rose gold comes from the metal’s pinkish hue – and that comes from the copper mixed in with the yellow gold. The addition of copper also has the benefit of increasing the metal’s durability, which has long helped to make rose gold a consistently popular choice for jewellery.

So, you shouldn’t necessarily thank, or blame, Apple.

Our Best Rose Gold Sunglasses

Dior Sideral2 Rose Gold sunglasses

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Dior DIORSIDERAL2: This year Dior is all over the rose gold trend as it features in many of their frames. To pick out our absolute favourite though it’s got to be the SIDERAL2 model.  The cut-out avant-garde design is amped up in the pink and rose gold colour option, a must-have for any fashionista with an edge.



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Oxydo OX 1075/s: Rose gold doesn’t always have to be metal to look cool.  Take this pair from Oxydo for example, mixing a cool silver with a rose gold-esque acetate and grey lenses gives a muted candy-pop appeal.


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Jimmy Choo Cindy: For a different take rose gold, check out the Cindy sunglasses from fashion giant Jimmy Choo.  You’d be forgiven in thinking rose gold jewellery to actually be more pink, but it’s actually a lighter shade of gold as you can see in this frame.  Suits all skin tones and takes the tackiness out of a more yellow-type of gold.


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Fendi FF 0118: Although described as Opal Pink, we don’t think any rose gold fans out there would say no to a pair of these.  Fendi’s last couple of sunglass collections have been both stunning and similar to the avant-garde designs of Dior.  Particularly worn and loved by Pixie Lott.


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Brendel 902181: If you’re a glasses wearer day-to-day, because let’s face it the sun isn’t always shining when living in the UK, then you might want to consider adding rose gold to your work look.  This Brendel frame has a feminine yet professional appeal with an almost not-there look.

Ted Baker London TB2218 Access Prescription Glasses

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Ted Baker London TB2218: We also like this offering from Ted Baker, which match rose gold with black for a unique colour scheme.

Whatever your own reasons for liking rose gold, we’d love you to name your favourite rose gold sunglasses by using the comments box below.

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