Gentlemanly Eyewear Autumn/Winter 2017

Gentleman eyewear 2017

When we talk about men’s sophisticated style we can’t forget gentlemanly style!

And since it is quite back in fashion lately, there is a growing interest in more sophisticated styles for men.

The term draws its origins from the English bourgeoisie, where men were educated to a certain set of rules in behaviour and style too. The attention for detail and the impeccable class are two of their most important characteristics.

But, for women what is more important is their cavalier actions, like opening the car door, saying honest compliments and being polite at every occasion and having a sense of elegance in fashion. There is always a certain charm to being around a gentleman.

We have collect some of the best looks on Instagram to help you start your journey of becoming a gentleman of style!

Christopher Korey

Christopher Korey is famous for his elegant suits and classy combinations.

In the pic above he is wearing a beige suit matched with a blue tie and polka dots.

Everything is very sophisticated including the Ray-Ban aviators which are a touch of extra class!

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator – Large Metal (1/7)

Ray Ban aviator sunglasses


Casual Chic

For the young men who aspire to be a gentleman, a casual chic look is great for every occasion.

From your days at work to your best day out, the outfit proposed by GQ is really stylish and at the same time elegant.

The black statement-bridged aviators are also a great choice to give a modern look to the overall outfit.

 Ray-Ban RB3138 Aviator – Shooter

Ray-Ban RB3138 Aviator - Shooter

Italian Style

The Instagram blogger “thesuitedtraveller” is famous for his dandy style. For those of you that want a more in-depth knowledge about the dandy fashion style, he is the person to follow.

Even if he is Italian and not an English man, he knows how to match very well those ties and suits which are mostly handmade, and tailor-made to his preferences.

The quality and the class of an outfit should not be underestimated, seems to be his motto!

Tom Ford FT5434

Tom Ford glasses men


Accessories like shoes, watches and glasses are also very critical, and their matching with all outfits should be well studied… take notes gentlemen!

Hallmark 8828

Hallmark gentleman glasses


’20 Gentleman

Another famous gentleman style very loved by the public is Shuhei Nishiguchi. He presents a luxury style mixed with casual pieces.

Very attentive to colours and accessories, his style is refined in every detail!

Class and elegance are palpable in every Instagram post.

In the snap above, he is wearing a ’20 gentleman inspired style and the most sophisticated item he flaunts are his round metal gold sunglasses: glamorous and classy at the same time.

Ray-Ban RB3447 Round Metal 2/2

Ray- Ban men sunglasses



Let us know in the comment section below which of these gentlemen’s eyewear you want to try for this fall and which of these styles your favourite!


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