How To Get Fit Without the Gym

The gym isn’t for everyone. Perhaps you don’t like working out with other people around, or maybe you prefer to be outside. Perhaps you just think gym memberships are overpriced?

We hear, and feel you.

There are so many other ways out there to keep fit. Many of them are free, some you can do on your own, and others require you to be on a team.

We have compiled together some of the most effective ways to help you build that muscle or lose those pounds.

Which method would you like to try?



Running is a fantastic and relatively easy way to get fit or lose weight.

You can do it whenever, wherever, and for however long you want.

If you’ve never run before, it will be very difficult at first.

The key is to build it up slowly.

Run for one minute, then walk for a minute, and repeat this for ten to twenty minutes.

A great idea is to also get a GPS tracker on your phone such as Strava.

This will track how far you have run, where you ran, and how many calories you burnt.

Get kitted out properly and buy some running glasses too.

They will protect your eyes from bright sunlight, and are specially designed so that they don’t fall off your face.

The Bolle Jude are a fab option – look stylish with a featured soft grip material, so that they stay put on your run.

Bolle Jude

Bolle Jude

Home Workout

You can get all the benefits of the gym at home if you know how to do the right moves.

With no equipment or just basic equipment, you will be able to do a full body workout in the comfort of your living room.

Look to YouTube, Instagram, and fitness websites to find some great workouts.

You can even do cardio at home – buy a skipping rope, do star jumps or do a few burpees.

Join a Team

Excellent poses from our Mammoth Shoreditch netball league winners Mixed Bag of Nuts.

A post shared by GO Mammoth (@gomammoth) on

Sometimes the best motivation to get fit is to have a team behind you.

Whether it’s football, netball, cricket or ultimate frisbee, getting involved in a team sport is also so much fun.

You can find out about what’s going on near you by simply doing a quick Google search or by looking in the local newspaper.

You never know, you may even find a new talent for a sport which you never knew you had.

Hiking / Walking

By simply increasing the amount of steps you do in a day, you will quickly improve your fitness.

You don’t need to hike up a mountain like Aylish here, but if want to, then great.

But, you could also go for a gentle stroll around the park or around the block.

You can build up the amount of steps you do, and the difficulty of the terrain over time.

Again, do a Google search to find some great walks near you.

They are usually ranked by difficulty and length, so you can choose the perfect walk to suit you.


Looking for more fitness inspiration? Find out more about netball here

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