Get Funky For Winter

As the winter approaches, we tend to dress in black or grey and our outfits usually become more sober and dull. In exchange, we should make the most out of the accessories to break moulds and liven up our suits and office clothing and glasses are the perfect accessory to enliven our look and mood. Just bear in mind that you shouldn’t overdo it as your boss probably wouldn’t appreciate if you did… unless you work in the fashion industry, of course!

However, if you do work in fashion (and strictly only if you do), you can consider wearing shades like these:

For the rest of us, we should be looking at a pair of more wearable specs, yet one that would make us stand out from ordinary commuters in the tube and help us face the winter blues.

When it comes to funky specs, we must admit it, no one beats Miu Miu’s fresh and original style. Not convinced? Check SelectSpecs’ wide range of Miu Miu glasses and you will soon agree with me. I love them and I couldn’t resist showcasing some of the fashion brand’s funkiest models:



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This pair of glasses seems to be designed to be worn on the red carpet at the Oscar’s ceremony in Los Angeles. But try combining the eye-catching Miu Miu’s MU03LV with a suit and you might find someone unrolling the carpet when you get into the office for you.

Outfit for MU003LV



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Miu Miu’s MU 06NV have a surprising yet likeable feel. They will give your everyday appearence a cool, retro and trendy look. In case pink is not for you, they are available in two more surprising colours, but you should choose a flashy one in contrast to your (probably dark-coloured) winter coat if you really want to rock this winter.



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In case jazzy colours are not for you, you can still make your accessories attract the attention of passers-by. Miu Miu’s MU 05OV has fine rhinestones at both sides of the frame which will instantly add impact to your office or weekend look.

OK, enough of Miu Miu! Let’s have a look at other fashion houses which have equally stylish and eye-catching models:

Versace VE3191


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Versace is all about high fashion look and the Versace VE3191 is a clear example of that. This seemingly classic frame is improved with an up-to-date colour and a sophisticated silver decoration on the sides. These specs are a great option for an all-year-round unconventional look!

Carrera CA6191


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If cat-eye frames are not for you but you are crazy about funky looks, the Carrera C6191 is an extraordinary quirky model which suits equally well men and women. Like most Carrera glasses, they have been designed for those who live an active life but do not want to miss out on the latest fashion trends.

Roberto Cavalli RC09030


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Can a pair of funky glasses ever be sophisticated? Well, Roberto Cavalli’s RC09030 is the answer! This unique frame creates a distinctive yet groovy and unique look. They are surprisingly easy to combine with casual or even purposely scruffy looks. Try wearing them with an outfit along the line of the one below!

Outfit for RC0930

Let us see your daring funky look and how you complement it with an amazing pair of specs. Use the comments box below or tag us @SelectSpecs on Twitter and Instagram.

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