How To Get Healthy Through Fitness

We all know how important it is to keep active. Not only does it improve our physical health, exercise also provides numerous benefits for us mentally.

However, if you have been inactive for a while, the thought of getting back into exercise can be incredibly daunting.

It can be difficult to know where to even start. In fact, a study by Sport England revealed that 13 million women and girls would like to play more sport, but nearly half of these ladies are totally inactive.

Reasons for this inactivity range from feeling uncomfortable, being worried they will be laughed at, and just not knowing where to look for clubs and activities.

Below we have compiled some top tips on how to get more active as a woman. No excuses now!

1. Where to look for Classes/Clubs?

First things first, classes and clubs are a great way to get fit, as you are guided by experienced instructors and meet other like-minded individuals. Try these suggestions:

  • This Girl Can website – The National campaign by Sport England to get more women active, this website talks about a huge variety of different sports and types of exercise, and how to find classes near you.
  • Your local council website – Your council will have loads of details of both free and paid exercise classes in your area and how to get in contact with them.
  • Your local gym – Give your gym a call or have a look on their website, to see if they have any classes or clubs which you can join. Some gyms have free ‘taster’ sessions too, so make sure to ask about these!
  • Local newspapers or magazines – Sports clubs or classes will often be listed in the ‘What’s on’ section of a newspaper or magazine, so be sure to look in here.

Remember though, you don’t need a class or club to get active. Just going out for a walk or a short jog around the block is a fantastic way to get fit – plus it is free!

If you feel more comfortable getting fit and active in the privacy of your own home, then invest in a workout DVD and clear some space in front of your TV.

YouTube is also a fantastic place to look for free workouts from top personal trainers. Have a look here for some of the top workouts on YouTube.

2. Get a Workout Partner in Crime

Everything seems less daunting if you’re not doing something for the first time on your own. Why not ask if any of your friends would like to go for a run with you, or attend a yoga class with you, or simply come with you to the gym?

The first time you do something is always the most difficult, but being able to laugh and learn together with your friend will help break the ice, and you will feel so much more confident next time!

3. Feel comfortable in Proper Workout Attire

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Now, looks really aren’t everything, but it really pays to invest in some proper workout gear. If your exercise clothes fit you properly, look flattering and let your skin breathe, then you are going to feel SO much more comfortable and happy working out.

You don’t need to spend a fortune, but make sure you go into some specialist sports shops and try everything on. Take the time to get your trainers fitted properly too, otherwise your feet will suffer later in life.

It is also really important to invest in some sports sunglasses if you are going to be outside for long periods of time.

Try the Bolle Python sunglasses for a stylish and practical choice. The wrap-round design is both lightweight and secure, whilst the signature Bolle lenses are around 20 times stronger than glass when it comes to impact.

These are a very good and sensible choice for cycling, running and outside ball sports in particular.

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Alternatively, these Bolle 473 Retro Collection would make a super trendy addition to any workout outfit. They come in a huge range of colors including turquoise, silver and this beautiful violet.

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4. Set Goals & Don’t Give Up

The best way to keep motivated is to set small realistic goals, and work towards these one by one. Don’t expect that you’re going to go from having never run before to being able to run a marathon within a month. Getting fit takes a bit of time, but you can do it.

You don’t need to tell anyone about these goals. You can just write them down in a little notebook and tick them off as you achieve them. Give yourself a little treat each time you achieve each target – a new nail polish, a glass of wine, a facial.

It is so satisfying to look back at your achievements and think how far you have come.

5. Use a Fitness Tracker

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Download a fitness tracker app such as MyFitnessPal, where you can track how much exercise you have done, and how many calories you have eaten.

Being able to see how much exercise you have done over several months is incredibly satisfying, and you will be amazed at how much your body has achieved!

There may be people out there who don’t think you’re capable of getting out there and getting active. Prove those people wrong, and show them what you’re made of.

Don’t let your body and your health down – you owe it to yourself to get out there and get fit. Everyone is able to do it, it just takes some real motivation and hard work. Good luck!

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