How To Keep Motivated Throughout The Day

Slay your goals and stay motivated throughout your days with these top tips & suggestions for your everyday routine.

Morning Routine

The best ideas come to me in the early morning. I feel so full of life, energetic and content during the early hours of the day, no matter what the weather is like outside.

I have trained myself not to think and enjoy that very early moment.

Watching the sun rise while having your coffee or tea while pave your mind for a wonderful day ahead.

Because as humans we are connected to the nature of our world.

Nothing beats a morning view of the sun shinning its rays onto our wonderful planet warming our days.

sun rising


The first app I open in the morning is Medium.

Through the app I find great motivational posts that make a drastic positive change to my day’s outlook.

I read what’s recommended, mostly about life-lessons, inspiration, lifestyle and an abundance of other topics.

It will take you between 10-20 minutes of reading 3 to 5 articles to enrich your day with many feel good thoughts.

I normally start my day with reading on medium, and end it reading a novel at bed time.

Because A. It help me fall asleep quickly and B. It clears my mind of any thoughts or troubles I had during the day.

Everyday I try to improve myself as a person mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Thanks to reading Choose Yourself! my life has transformed from 0 to 100.

Do Nothing

In life, doing nothing is one of the most important things I learned to do or un-do in order to progress and become better.

Everyday I set at least 30 minutes of doing absolutely nothing.

No creative or strategic thinking, no exercising, no talking, and definitely no working.

I just simply sit somewhere quiet, go for a walk in the woods, visit the park or smile to the world.

Enjoy the sound of the birds, avoid looking at the clock, and tuck watches away.

Set the phone on flight mode.

I disconnect totally from any distractions.

You should set yourself “a nothing time” everyday; otherwise your mind will get drained from over thinking and will not function to the utmost of its capability.

Smile At Others

Almost every morning while driving to the office, I see the same girl walking on the side walk.

We make eye contact every time and she turns her head away.

On a daily basis, I smiled, waved, flashed my headlights, honked the horn, but nothing.

It’s 8 am and I am feeling wonderful, and this morning at last, after 5 months, she smiled back.

I don’t want anything from her except to draw a nice smile in the morning to make her day.

To remind myself to smile, I draw a smiley face next to my watch so every time I look at the time, I remember to smile.

I even had it sun-tanned on my biceps once.

Smiling might make someone’s day, but most of all it will make yours.

Keep A Daily Journal

Not only for your childhood, keeping a daily journal is a reflection of your own life through wording it out on a notebook.

Less than 5 minutes is all you need to write what’s on your mind.

Journaling will open new horizons, and give you ideas on how to progress and develop your mental abilities.

Writing will add value to your everyday life.

I write because it makes me speak out what’s on my mind.

I have found that writing daily really helps regenerate the happy hormones in my brain, and gives me edge when facing the day.

Once you have written a post, even if it’s only a couple of paragraphs, you will instantly feel good that you have achieved something, and it will give your day valuable meaning.


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