Get the Look (Antares GF070)

From sophisticated to quirky, Antares has the perfect frames for you!  The Antares range which can be viewed here offers unique styling that’s affordable.  It may surprise you that the prices range from only £10 to £70.   You will also be pleased to note that these frames are for men and women or are unisex.   The price of the frame includes FREE Standard Prescription Lenses and FREE UV, anti-reflection, and scratch resistant coatings!!

I was lucky enough to shoot with the Antares GF070 frame.  The GF070 frame has three colour options: Black (C1) , which personally is my favourite out of the three frames as they are simple yet bold, Pink (c11) and Purple (c6).   Take a look at these frames and the fun that can be had.  These gorgeous frames can create a whole new look, be another key accessory or go with your existing outfits!!

Antares GF070 frame in BLACK

IMG_1742 Edit 2

IMG_2426 Edit 2

This Black frame will take you anywhere you want to go with your outfit and look.  You will notice that the Black is not too severe on your face because the frame is not bulky or heavy.

Antares GF070 in PINK

IMG_2270 Edit 2

IMG_2326 Edit 2

The Pink frame provides a quirky and bright option to your outfit.  Again, because of the lightness of the frame they will not dictate what outfit you wear.  Who doesn’t love a bit of vibrancy?!

Antares GF070 in PURPLE

IMG_1975 Edit 2

IMG_2386 Edit 2

Purple is like the ‘new black’ it offers sophistication with a subtle hint of colour and again can take you anywhere day or night.

Overall, not only do these Antares frames look amazing and provide a flattering look, they also provide optimum comfort and are lightweight.  This is because the frames have spring hinges which accommodates a wider range of flexibility without that fear of snapping!

Your outfit may not look complete without one of these frames. So, why not have a browse here?

Don’t forget that all Lenses Include FREE UV, anti-reflection, and scratch resistant coatings.

  • Suitable for Ladies
  • Ready for Single Vision Lenses
  • Ready for Bifocal Lenses
  • Ready for Varifocal/Multifocal Lenses
  • FREE Lenses based on standard prescriptions.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below or if you are the proud owner of a pair of Antares GF070 frame then put your picture on our Instagram page here

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