Get the Look: Celebrities at Wimbledon


Whilst it is said that there are 52 weeks in the calendar year, for the British public it might actually be more accurate to round that number down to 50.

For every single year, we lose ourselves – and our spare time – to Wimbledon, the tennis tournament which sees members of the publics share the screen with members of the A-list mix, as players strut their stuff in traditional white outfits and we all stuff our happy little faces with strawberries and cream, just to feel part of the occasion.

It’s true that tennis is the name of the game at Wimbledon – quite literally – but it’s the tournament’s secondary role that really interests us: that of unofficial catwalk and celeb hotspot.

As the camera pans around the royal box, a whole host of famous faces are immediately recognizable, from every possible background: David Beckham, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Richard Branson, Stephen Fry, Ciara… Even the cast of Game of Thrones is in on the act, albeit without their usual attire and a little less bloodshed.

And not only that, but they are often seen to be sporting fetching pairs of shades and glasses to help them to see the sporting action more clearly. So without further ado, here’s our quick rundown of our favourite spectacled celebrity looks, and how you can get the look for yourself. Game, Set, Match.


Stephen Fry & Elliott Spencer

Broadcaster, intellectual and national treasure Stephen Fry was spotted getting into the game on Centre Court this year. Sporting a rather fetching pair of classic-with-a-twist sunglasses: thick-rimmed and black-tinted, with thinner arms to streamline and modernize the look.

Stephen paired this timeless look with a smart pinstriped suit, a combination as classic as strawberries and cream and perfect for the formal green courts of Wimbledon.

Fry’s husband Elliott, meanwhile, went for a more casual option, pairing his white jeans and bright blazer combo with a colorful pair of mirrored specs. Ideal for reflecting some of the sun’s glare off the court (and for keeping the inevitable rain out of the eyes!).

Get the look: For Stephen’s classically shaped sunglasses, look no further than the Rayban Chris, or try these by POLA by OPAL. For real courtside glamour, invest in these Tom Ford frames.  If Elliott’s more statement style is right up your street, Savannah has some great options at an even better price: we love this tortoiseshell and orange pair, or this black pair with mirrored lens for a more toned down but still show-stealing look.


Chrissy Teigan & Karlie Kloss

Courtside glamour doesn’t get any finer than this. Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen was spotting sitting next to her Victoria’s Secret pal – and Taylor Swift’s BFF – Karlie Kloss.

Taking selfies, cheering on the players and generally soaking up the rays, it takes effort to look this effortlessly good. Both models opted for the universally-flattering Aviator style of sunglasses with gold rims. It’s simple, but it works.

Get the Look: Rayban Aviators are undeniably iconic, but for a twist on the trend, try these by Porsche, or this stunning pair of bronze frames by Serengeti. The Sunset+ 251s have all the style of more premium brands, with a price tag half as big – a great choice for the budget conscious.


Kim Murray

Whilst her new husband was battling it out on court (go Andy!), Kim was battling it out for herself in the style stakes.

Indeed, ever since Kim became a fixture at tennis tournaments all around the world, she has become something of a style icon; her love for classic shapes and tailoring, floral patterns and complimentary colours appeals to women (and men!) of all ages, putting her on par with Kate Middleton.

This year at Wimbledon, Kim was seen roaring for Andy in a pair of Wayfarers, toughening up her delicate summer dress.

Get the Look: Maui Jim take on the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer with their Cat III frames, whilst Univo offer this pair for less than 20 pounds, an amazing bargain.


Jelena Djokovic

Jelena Djokovic, wife of World no.1 Novak Djokovic and Kim’s contender in courtside clothing can also be seen cheering, shouting or even crying when she’s watching her partner play. This year she’s really taken hold of delicate floral and pastel prints, that have even extended into her eyewear.  Who said aviators were only for boys?

Get the Look:  Jelena’s graduated Aviators are not dissimilar to this pair by Carrera.  A delicate splash of brown adds a rose gold hue, which separates this design from other aviators.  Tiffany & Co. also have an elegant offering.


Kit Harrington

You’re not on the Wall anymore, Jon Snow. No doubt the green pastures of Wimbledon’s Centre Court made a nice change for Kit Harrington, star of the hit show Game of Thrones, who is probably more accustomed to fight scenes, family feuds and carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders than he is sitting clapping along to Hawkeye.

Nevertheless, he took to the glamorous world of Wimbledon dressing like a duck to water, styling a pair of on-trend rounded sunglasses in a statement matt black (he did take the black, after all).

Get the Look: As far as this look is concerned, the rounder the better. Try this pair of sunglasses from Converse by Jack Purcell, or go bolder with this thick-rimmed pair by Jill Sander. If going fully round is not your thing, ease yourself into it with a pair of classic Clubmaster-style frames, such as these by Mont Blanc, or go oval and inject a little colour into your summer wardrobe with this design by RETRO.


Bradley Cooper

Not only has he been spotted at last month’s Roland-Garros but now he’s been spotted at Wimbledon too, leading us to consider Bradley as a serious tennis fan.  Keeping things low key in a black jacket and a turned backwards baseball cap, he looks the most casual out of all the crowd, which may not have done him any favours in terms of going incognito (this is Wimbledon after all.)  Everything toned down, apart from the shades that is…

Get the Look:  Do we sniff a brand sponsorship?  Just like at Roland-Garros, Bradley is wearing Carrera’s most popular Champion model again.  This time however he’s livened things up a bit with blue mirrored lenses, although we reckon this could be a yet-to-be released model, we’ve got a pair similar with pink mixed with purple lenses.

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