How To Get Your Kids Outside

With it being the Summer Holidays, it can be difficult to keep thinking of new, exciting ideas to encourage your kids to get outside.

Perhaps they are obsessed with their PlayStation, or maybe they won’t get off their iPad.

Whatever it is, it can be super frustrating when they are refusing to leave the house when the weather is beautiful and the sun is actually shining!

Take a look below for these ideas to help get your kids out into the big outdoors this summer.


1. Hunt For Treasure

Go into your garden, the local park or a nearby outdoor space and create a treasure hunt for your kids to take part in.

You could hide chocolate or little toys in nooks and crannies, behind trees, and amongst flower beds.

You could also hide little plastic tokens which add up to a bigger prize at the end of the hunt.

Optionally, this is a great group activity to do with your child’s friends for a birthday party.

2. Camp In The Garden

In the garden or at a campsite, camping is a fab and really fun way to get your children into the big outdoors.

You could buy a tent or even task your children with creating their own den like above!

Get lots of yummy food, a campfire, and some games such as swing ball and snakes and ladders to enjoy some quality family time.

3. Create a Bug Hotel

This is something which is really easy to do and will serve as a long-term project to get your kids outdoors.

Ask your kids to scour the garden for twigs, pine cones, leaves, bamboo canes, bits of bark, and even moss and soil.

Create a solid structure with some bricks or an old crate, and layer these pieces up inside this structure.

Be sure there are lots of holes and tunnels for the bugs to get into and make a home.

Lastly, pop on a roof with some old roof tiles to make sure all the bugs inside stay dry!

Leave it a few days and then let your kids investigate which bugs have made it home.

4. Climb a Tree

What could be better than using nature to create your own playground?

Obviously, make sure that your kids are supervised and the trees are safe to climb – avoid older trees or ones which over hang concrete.

You could all head to a local woods and climb up trees and scurry along old fallen tree trunks.

5. Go Rock Pooling

If you live near the sea or you are going on holiday to the coast, then make sure you grab a net and go rock pooling.

Let your children hunt for beasties whilst also getting some lovely fresh sea air at the same time.

Have a competition with your children to see who can find the most unusual or biggest sea creature.

6. Have a Mini Raft Race

Rain didn't stop play at #bosham church fete today. We got thoroughly soggy by racing mini rafts in the stream. #50things

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Head to a local stream or a pond and tell your children they need to build their own mini rafts out of twigs.

Hunt for lots of sticks and take a few pieces of paper and string to create a sail.

Once they are built have a race across the water to see who has the fastest raft.

Playing outside, your kids will need to keep their eyes protected from damaging UV rays.

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