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We all feel a lack of creativity at times, and who’s more awe inspiring than the role models who pushed the boundaries of their eras; in their respective fields of course, and made the world a more imaginative place just by being in it.

Here’s a list of some of the top #Girlbosses of the ages, and how they inspire us in our daily life struggles. Fashion faux pas included.

Frida Kahlo

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Famous for her art, floral crowns, strong convictions, feminism and, of course, the unibrow.

Frida was a force to be reckoned with, her self portraits depicted her femininity in its truest form.

Struggling with both health and relationships never stopped this would be doctor, and later painter.

Strong brows, floral hair, long flowing printed dresses, thick braids and ponchos or shawls are a few of her style characteristics. Channel Frida’s strength by stealing bits of her style.

Throw on a pair of these over the top Dolce & Gabbana  sunnies for some Fridalicious vibes:



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A sharp black bob with thick bangs, chunky winged liner, electric blue lids and statement golden jewelry; from scarabs to heavy necklaces, and flowing yet revealing robes.

Cleopatra, aka the queen of Egypt, was known for her power before her beauty, and of course her love life (Hollywood facts rather than history).

Empowered by her femininity, not in spite of it, she used its power to her full advantage. As one of the most powerful female rulers in history, last Pharaoh and ruler of Egypt.

Embrace her bold style choices for an instant #Girlboss makeover. It’s the acceptable only time to wear blue eyeshadow (except for an eighties throwback party).

Coco Chanel

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Not only is she the woman responsible for making tan skin fashionable, she has a rags to riches story fit for the big screen, with political intrigue and some war time romance to boot.

Add fashion guru- goddess into the mix and you get an idea of this particular girlboss’s influence. She brought the pantsuit to women everywhere.

Channel her style with classic cuts, oodles of black, pearls and some statement round shades.

Katherine Hepburn


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Sticking to the classic theme, but adding to the glamour, Hollywood actress style.

With countless awards under her belt, and numerous successes in film and on stage.

An energy and passion for achievement and never give up attitude; the elegant Ms. Hepburn was constantly reinventing herself, and continued to act, well into old age.

An inspiration for the career driven fashionista, who doesn’t let failed endeavors slow her down. Frills, feminine silhouettes, and an air of sophistication and extravagance.

Just like these opulent golden sunnies:

Princess Diana

The princess of Wales, and the heart of a nation. With grace, compassion and philanthropy; she gained the love of the world and a place on every #girlboss list for eternity.

An example of how being unapologetically yourself can garner awe inspiring results. Be kind, be graceful, but most of all be you.

Whether in a classic suit in a vibrant colour, or a breathtaking backless dress, don’t let your attire overpower your natural beauty, simplicity is key.

These white marbled sunglasses in an angled shape are understated but fabulous:

Thirsty for even more girlboss styles to make your own? Look no further. Click here.

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