Glasses + Hearing Aids: Coping strategies

If you are a regular wearer of glasses and also experience difficulties with hearing important sounds, then you will need to combine wearing your glasses with your hearing aid.

You could also wear 2 hearing aid devices.

Did You Know?

That Ear trumpets were used to amplify sounds for people who suffered from hearing loss in the 17th century.

But by the 19th century, discreet hearing aids became more popular.

Then came the electronic devices.

Manufacturers, like Siemens, struggled for years to get the sizing right, but in the 1920’s this problem was solved with the replacement of a much smaller aid.

However, in the 1980s hearing aids were attached to a transmitter, and some still are up to this day.

Children, for example, are sometimes provided with 2 transmitters, especially for school.

Their teacher would have to wear the second transmitter.

Things are much different in the 21st century, as hearing aids can be tuned into a computer to create a desired sound level for the patient based on their lifestyle.

Hearings aids are devices worn by those with varying degrees of hearing loss.

They are ideal for adding or enhancing sounds around you, especially if you have difficulty picking up sounds due to irritating background noises.

They are great for amplifying noise traveling through the ear, and as a result boost sounds.

Combining Both

It’s pretty straightforward to wear your specs with your device, as they will easily sit over the arms of your glasses.

Wearing a rimless frame like the one below will be much more convenient to wear when combined with your hearing aid.

Securing Your Hearing Aid in Place

​Sometimes it will be necessary to make some adjustments for comfort.

Alternatively, you can arrange to have your device permanently fitted on to your specs.

It will easily slot into the ear canal.

Frames That Work With a Hearing Aid

  • Rimless
  • Rimless silhouettes
  • Non-rimless
  • Sunglasses
  • Prescription glasses

Coping Strategies

It is relatively easy to fit your aid with a rimless silhouette frame since they are flexible.

Classic frames can be slightly trickier because the device doesn’t always sit over the glasses.

The opticians will make adjustments.

Celebrities With Hearing Loss

Halle Berry has 80% hearing loss due to domestic violence.

Bill Clinton has hearing loss and wears a CIC hearing aid.

Robe Lowe encountered hearing loss since childhood.

Types of Hearing Aids

  1. Behind the ear (BTE)
  2. In the ear (ITE)
  3. Completely In the ear (CIC)
  4. In the ear (ITE)
  5. Receiver in canal (RIC)
  6. Invisible in the canal (IIC)

Making Them Work

Consult your Selectspecs optician to help attach/clip your device on to your specs.

It will save you from constantly having to adjust them, and becomes very convenient, especially on those stressful days. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with combining both.

Simply wear your specs with pride.

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