Goodbye Log Lady..


Fans of Twin Peaks yesterday were saddened to hear the news of the show’s iconic Log Lady’s passing.  Catherine Coulson who played perhaps the show’s best ever character died of cancer on Monday, at age 71.

Some of us here at SelectSpecs are fans of the show and bid her farewell, her insightful Log Lady philosophy will certainly be missed when Twin Peaks makes a comeback in 2017, will the show be the same without her?  Can they replace her?  No!

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Since her death, we’ve also learnt how many bidders over the years were prepared to actually buy the log from Log Lady, but as we all know; Log Lady does not suffer fools.  She refused, despite the value of the log apparently shooting right up to around $275,000, and even carried it around with her on flights – placing it in overhead lockers!

Above all of this, she had an impeccable choice of fashion – tartan skirt, cosy knitwear and of course, those red round glasses, arguably as important to America as Deirdre Barlow‘s glasses is to Britain.

With Halloween coming up, if you’re dressing up we implore you ignore David Lynch’s other horrific creations – the little man in the red suit who speaks backwards, nope.  Creepy old Windom Earle?  Not even close.

Show your respect and dress as the Log Lady, log and all.


RIP Log Lady



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