Got the iPhone 6S? There’s Some Specs to Match That…

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The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have sold in huge numbers since being launched in the UK towards the end of September – and they happen to be the first iPhones available in four different colours, thanks to the new rose gold colour option. If you’ve picked up one of these iPhones, or even if you have decided to keep using an older model, you can buy stylish glasses that visually match your handset.

Have you been caught up in the buzz…

… about the new iPhones? If so, you’re probably cradling one in your hands right now, playing around with the various new features. There’s even a speedy ’emergency selfie’ function for the 5-megapixel front camera – it’s mentioned in the first iPhone 6S TV advert, which you can watch below. Click play and see what super-stylish star is especially keen about that camera…

Anyway, whichever iPhone you’ve got, even if it’s actually a relatively old one, it’s likely in a colour that you personally chose and matches your distinctive character. So, you are probably eager to continue cultivating your unique visual identity by finding designer spectacles that match the colour of your iPhone. We can put forward some recommendations from the huge range of eyewear available from SelectSpecs.

What glasses go well with what iPhone?

Black is inconspicuous and tends not to draw lots of attention, making it the colour of choice for many of us who like to stay low-key and blend in. It’s also a neutral colour that looks good with pretty much any other. The choice of black frames here at SelectSpecs is, unsurprisingly, massive – so we’ll stick to recommending these Savannah 2426 frames for the simultaneously stylish yet budget-conscious.


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The silver iPhone is also good for an unassuming personality. Also, as this and the gold and rose gold iPhone 6S models come with white bezels, they can all be pleasingly paired with white spectacles. If you would prefer silver frames, still, we have plenty of them – including these Hallmark H81076 ones.


But what if you actually like it when lots of people catch sight of your phone and express their amazement? Then you’ve probably chosen the gold iPhone. You’ll probably find that gold glasses frames, due to their comparative thinness, don’t quite attract attention in the same way – plus wearing gold aviator prescription glasses is a new and rising trend, so why not give the Hallmark CF919 a go?


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Have the rose gold iPhone? You probably got it to make clear to everyone that, yes, you do have the brand new iPhone. Whether we are right or wrong, we have some gorgeous frames in this less than conventional colour – including these shiny glossed Escada VES825 glasses.


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Maybe you indeed have an iPhone, but differ from our opinion about what spectacles would look good alongside it. Or perhaps you think it’s silly to even consider your smartphone’s colour at all when choosing glasses?! Feel free to let us know your thoughts, whatever they may be, below.

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