Got your Face covered for Red Nose Day?

Red Nose Day 2015

There are some fantastic pictures out there for Red Nose Day today and all for a great cause.  Have you got your face covered?

I’m disappointed with myself for not thinking ahead for today’s special event that we enjoy taking part in and fund raising.  In hindsight, I should have ordered some Red Prescription glasses.  It would have been a great opportunity to wear Red frames with confidence!  After all we are all content wearing huge rubber balls on our nose with a drawn on silly face 🙂

If I had thought about Red Nose Day last week or so, then I could have ordered these lovely Savannah 2439 frames (below) that cost as little as £9 including my prescription lens and coatings. No-one can beat that not even the High Street!!

Savannah 2439 Red & Black

You can see more of the frames details here but seriously your options in the Savannah range are ridiculous for price and fun!.  Take a Look. In fact they are so popular that two of our Fashion Ambassadors, Matthew Lightfoot  (wore the red frame) and Sam Stanley (wore the stylish blue frame) both chose these frames for their photoshoot.  These frames were also the Winner of our 2014 Best Budget Frame under £10.

Savannah P2375 Black

Now if I really wanted to make a spectacle of myself then I could have worn these beauties to work! These are also Savannah frames but P2375 Black and once again only cost £9!! See more here.

Mary Berry Comic Relief - Frames at

I also observed that our lovely Mary Berry is without glasses for Red Nose Day – perhaps like me she could order her frames for next year?  I am certain that the Red frames would look fab on her and could be worn all year round but for a more comical look then the round black frames would do…I think?

So come on everyone, make sure you have fun in taking part in this special event that raises money to transform the lives of million of people in the UK and across Africa.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.  Alternatively, show off your silly Face and tag us in your picture on our Instagram page here.

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