Gucci Havana Sunglasses: The Perfect Balance of Trendy and Retro

When we recently talked about new Gucci arrivals, it proved difficult to comment on their styles and the collection in terms of creating a comprehensive review, mostly due to their constant devotion when it comes to inventing something new and fresh.

So there’s no wonder we accidentally omitted something, because by the time we finished our story on hot Gucci trends, we weren’t aware something else was ready to be released from their workshop – that “something” being the Gucci Havana collection.

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Designed by the seemingly tireless creative minds behind the brand, here’s their proof that they’ve worked hard to create something authentic that’ll snap up any trend-seeking man or woman with a penchant for new haute couture.

The Gucci Havana campaign was shot in always sunny Malibu, which is definitely not a coincidence. There’s hardly a better surrounding for creating this type of fashion promotional video than a house with a swimming pool situated in the canyons of Cali.

A luxurious environment packed with hot guests wearing even hotter shades; but it seems the attention of an unexpected invitee is caught by one particular pair of sunnies, a classic dark frame… now doesn’t that inspire you to add them to your shopping basket?!

Undoubtedly irresistible, reminding me of their GG 1099/S model, which is hard to surpass since it’s equally fashionable and vintage.

Gucci Sunglasses

But this unique private fashion show also featured other trendy styles…

This one is very much like Gucci’s 1099/S model. With a characteristic spotted coloring, oversized frame that mildly resembles the cat-eye shape and gradient lenses, this choice is perfect for all ladies who want to make a statement.

Explore four different colour combinations at Selectspecs and discover which one is right for you!


A glass of cold champagne and Gucci’s 3763/S model are a substantial mix for all sorts of summer festivities.

Its brown frame,gradient dark lenses and golden Gucci logos are truly classy, with a necessary dose of mystique.


What do you expect from this summer? If you’ve got some casual events lined up and want a pair of memorable shades that will single you out from the crowd then Gucci Havana might be your answer.

Let us know what you think about it in a section below.

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