Trending Hairstyles & Eyewear For Summer ’17

When a new season rolls in, we always feel like getting a new hair do. It’s a great way to spruce yourself up. You can go as simple as getting a hair cut, to the more lavish treatments like getting a whole new colour.

We’ve rounded up the hottest hairstyles for this upcoming summer, and we’ve paired them with the sunglasses we think would pair well together.

If you’re going to treat yourself to a new hairstyle, you might as well go all out and treat yourself to a pair of sunnies too. Thank us later.


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Braids have been around for ages, but this summer, it seems they’ve come back with a bang, especially for festival season.

It’s the perfect hairstyle to hide greasy hair, get your hair out of your face on hot days or to look like you’ve put more effort in your look than you really have.

Because your hair is swept away from your face, that means your face gets maximum exposure to the sun.

We’d recommend getting an oversized pair of shades in order to protect as much as your face as possible. A pair like these Givenchy sunnies would suit this hairstyle perfectly.

Bleach Blonde

Bleach Blonde is the latest hair craze. And it seems that the shorter you go, the cooler you are.

As seen on the likes of Kirsten Stewart, Cara Delevingne and Katy Perry.

If you do opt for a do like this, we think because you’ve gone all out with your hair, your accessories should compliment your bold choice.

This pair by Adidas are a unique shape and colour, which will draw attention to your face and hairstyle.

They come in a range of different colours so you’ll be able to find the perfect pair for you.

The Modern Bob

The modern bob is a twist on the classic hairstyle. It’s longer than short hair, but shorter than medium hair.

It’s that in-between length, which used to be awkward, but now is deemed as the coolest style this season.

The style is cut at a length which really highlights your face shape.

We would recommend a pair of cat eye shades.

Like your hairstyle, they’re the best frames to really compliment your face. The way they’re shaped really helps to slim down your face. This pair from Michael Kors will certainly do the trick!

Contouring Colouring/Baylayage

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Like the makeup trend, Contouring Colour or Baylayage is designed to make your face look slimmer using light and dark shadowing.

Also, lighter shades are the must have colour palette for summer as everyone always goes for lighter hair in hotter climates.

To not take away the attention from your beautiful hair colour, we would suggest choosing a simple pair of sunglasses.

Keeping with classic styles and colours, like these Ray-Ban Clubmasters, will really compliment your hairstyle without stealing the show.

Corkscrew Curls

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Last year was all about bringing back the 90s. This year, it’s all about bringing back the 80s because Corkscrew curls are back.

For those who don’t know what they are, Corkscrew curls are really tight curls.

With a hairstyle like Corkscrew curls, you don’t want to the attention to be taken away from the massive effort you’ve done with your hair.

You also want a pair of sunglasses that will balance out the wildness of the curls.

Choosing a pair like these Round Ray-Ban will be the best compromise, evening out the big wildness with small frames.

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