Handbag Essentials: What’s In My Purse?

Anyone with a healthy dose of curiosity loves to know how other people effectively do things.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what must have items other people carry around with them on a daily basis? And no, we aren’t advocating a good rummage through your friends bag when she isn’t looking.

Here are a collection of items that are handy to have in your bag, and we’l take an inquisitive look at what some have stashed in theirs.

Pretty in Pink

Love all things pink and or fluffy? Can’t pass up glitter for love nor money?

Then look no further, here are a few pieces of handy bits and bobs to carry with you on the go in none other than a cupcake shaped shoulder bag. Add a fluffy heart pom pom keyring for good measure.

Never be left with that gritty hand feeling again, with some fresh scented hand sanitiser.

Listen to your favourite tunes in style with “cat ear” rose gold headphones. Always have a lipstick on hand for touch ups, and a mirror to get that pout picture perfect.

An artistically embellished notepad with a trusty marker for all your great ideas on the go.

Tissues; because you never know when an emotional moment could strike, or it’s chilly out and you get the sniffles.

A glitter phone case to keep your prized possession protected, and last but not least, the most girly girl accessory of all, a pair of pink Fendi sunnies.

Get them here:

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 Boho Beautiful

If festivals are your Mecca and gemstones make you all warm and fuzzy, then listen up flower child.

Your lifestyle keeps you outdoors for long hours, and a cosmic print umbrella is both enlightening and keeps you dry in an unexpected shower.

Never lose your keys with a metallic tassel key chain.

Keep your skin balanced with blotting paper for excess oiliness and a soothing mist for hydration.

Protect from the elements with a cap and some crisp green Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Lip balms and exfoliators help sooth chapped lips.

A power bank keeps your battery topped up and ready to document precious moments.

Chipped nails no longer, keep a nail varnish handy to reapply.

Stay fresh with a spritz of eau de toilette and some chewing gum.

An iridescent pouch keeps all your self care essentials in one place.

Jot down insights in a leather bound journal and wrap up tight with a bobble trim scarf.

Glastonbury here we come! (come June, obviously)

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Glamorous Goddess

The queen of the modern day selfie, you always seem so meticulously put together, if only you could win awards for looking this pristine.

Here are some of your new secret weapons.

A sturdy transparent umbrella keeps your tresses dry but still on full display, but tuck it into an embellished Marlene Dietrich-esque turban if you’re having a bad hair day.

All you’ll need with these stunning Cavalli sunglasses is some ruby red lipstick and you’re ready to drop em’ dead.

A little highlighter never hurt anyone. Keep that luxury compact safe in a makeup pouch that’s made for you. Even the perfume bottle is bedazzled.

High heels have you down? A pair of roll up metallic flats will save your aching soles.

Clip those pesky fly-aways back with sparkly hair slides and tuck it all away in a studded shoulder back in gunmetal.

Lights, camera, ACTION!

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