Harry Styles: Doubles up on Sunglasses

Remember when we recently talked about Niall Horan’s Ray-Ban Obsession? I guess we accidentally forgot to mention his equally popular band mate Harry Styles (which was completely an innocent mistake, we swear!)

Now Harry might not be as crazy for sporting a pair of shades on the red carpet, but he definitely compensates by doubling it up and wearing two pairs when he decides to take a casual walk.

For quite some time now, Harry nurtures a unique philosophy that says you can’t make a mistake with black and brown variations of Ray-Ban sunglasses.  We quite agree.

Rumor has it that he one day definitely realised one pair of sunglasses is simply not enough. And whilst curious fans continue to wonder why on Earth someone would want to walk around with two pairs of sunglasses, when they see Harry it becomes pretty obvious, erm, right?

We’ve noticed Harry mostly stays loyal to classic Ray-Ban aviator style with a timeless golden frame/black lenses combo, his “casual style” or in other words, the pair he uses to protect himself from the summer sun most often. It seems like a recipe for a classic fashion hit, wouldn’t you agree?

Aviator Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Classic Aviator Ray-Ban Sunglasses

How do fashion mags sum up his style?  Our stab at it is:

Wearing a classic Rolling Stones tee, he gives a nod to the current 70’s trend; he pairs this with a pink plastic spoon which quite naturally emerges from his mouth, from dipping into his favorite ice-cream flavor (style tip: spoon has to be pink.)  Finally he completes the look with two pairs of shades he can err, switch in accordance with his mood?  Nice touch, indeed.

For most of us, wearing two sunglasses at the same time would only naturally occur from embarrassingly not knowing one pair was already on our head.  But perhaps Harry is thinking outside the box on this one, being cool isn’t always easy.

If you think you’re ready to boast Harry’s casual style then take a look around our sunglasses range, we have literally hundreds to easily select two pairs to choose from.

What do you think of Harry’s look? Crazy, or cool?  Let us know!

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