The Best Hats & Eyewear For Summer ’17

Hats are just one accessory which can completely change your appearance. For some people, the addition of a hat to an outfit can increase confidence and reduce anxiety.

Hats have been around for centuries, initially starting life as a fabric head covering, mostly worn by women or as helmets worn by soldiers and warriors.

As the centuries passed, hats became less about protection from war and more about protection from the weather and cold.

Modern hats now come in a vast range of styles, colours, materials and are used in a range of different social and personal situations.

Glasses, whilst necessary for those who suffer with eye problems, have developed to the extent that they are now just as much of a fashion item as they are a necessary accessory.

Combining glasses and hats is something that some people do not think twice about, and others style their hats and glasses specifically.

We’ve decided to take a look at different hat styles which are set to be popular this summer and how you can style your glasses and sunglasses to be on trend.


Caps are a more casual fashion statement and are usually worn on holidays and in warmer climates to protect from the sun.

When wearing caps with glasses and sunglasses, people seem to be split down the centre as to whether they wear the cap in the usual way, brim forward, or to wear them reversed, with the brim pointing down the neck.


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Virtually any type of cap can be styled with any type of sunglasses, but in particular we think the polarized lenses look the most summer-ready.

Match the vibrant lenses with a darker frame and you get a modern on trend look.

The O’Neil ONS-SHORE-P sunglasses are brightly polarized but also have a darker, semi-transparent frame.

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The beret is a small, round fabric hat which sits on the side of the head and was made popular in 19th century France and Spain although it is thought to have been worn in some way or another as far back as the Bronze Age.

Whilst the beret requires some confidence to style, it can turn a relatively simple outfit into one with style and emotion.

Whilst many sunglasses will look great with a beret, larger, rounder frame seems to be the most popular look as the size of the glasses balances well with the size and shape of the beret.

The Storm London S14 sunglasses are elegant and simple which will balance well with your beret and give you an elegant timeless look.

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Military Hats

This season military hats are making a big comeback, but not in the way you might initially think.

Following the summer runway shows where designers were inspired by all types of uniform in their portrayal of the military hat, it seems a new trend has emerged just in time for festival season – the bejeweled military hat.

Often customized by the wearer themselves, there are some companies who are selling specific jewel encrusted military hats in time for festival season to begin.

Whilst this fashion is unlikely to continue once festival season is over, it certainly lends some fun to an otherwise plain and stern looking hat, allowing you to fully unleash your creativity and style.

If you decide to be bold in a bejeweled military hat this summer, we think that your glasses should help your hat stand out from the crowd.

Select a colour for your frames which is reflected in the colours on your hat, or go for one contrast colour, but make the frames big and statement.

We recommend the Just Cavalli JC722S sunglasses for that true festival feel. You’ll certainly get noticed.

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Yes, yes okay it’s not technically a hat – but as a head covering it’s a perfect way to experiment with something a little different whilst also providing the protection from the sun that you’ll need this summer.

The vintage trend is still very current and with the bright colours which are on trend this season, a head scarf is a unique way to style yourself this season.

The trend this season also seems to be combine bright prints with animal print or tortoiseshell framed sunglasses and a bold lip.

The Dakota 8140 sunglasses are perfect for combining with a headscarf as they are a brown and white tortoiseshell print but they also have a slight cat eye frame shape so they fit within the vintage theme also.

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