Healthy Breakfast Inspo

If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself stuck in a breakfast-based rut each morning, opting day after day for the same cornflakes and milk combination.

Well, stop right there.

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, giving you the energy you need to work, exercise and play.

There are so many different options for healthy, nutritious and exciting breakfasts out there.

All it takes is a little bit of inspiration and some prior planning.

Keep reading to discover the best healthy breakfasts you can whip up in a breeze.


1. Porridge

Sunday porridge ❤️🍓🍫 Photo by @maleneeldrup 🙏🏻

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Don’t all groan, porridge can actually be super delicious, exciting and also fun to make.

Porridge has plenty of different benefits for your body.

It is high in fibre, keeps you feeling full for ages and has even been found to lower cholesterol.

It can be made with water, but for extra creaminess and added protein and calcium, make it with milk or a plant-based milk alternative.

I like making it with soya milk personally.

Get experimental with the toppings, and go for a combination of fruit, nut spreads, yoghurt and even cocoa nibs!


2. Acai Bowl

Hey guys! 💗 sorry I've been a little absent – so many projects I'm doing some crazy 🤹🏻‍♂️ at the mo. And then I'm off to France for the weekend 🎉 Here's yesterday's delicious acai bowl with blackberries & cherries (omg so good) with added goodies from @oneearthblends Co Co Go Go – I always forget just how good they are 😜 Have a wonderful day! Love, Niki xxx. * * * #acaibowl #superfood #smoothiebowl #vegan #berries #breakgoals #deliciousfood #organic #food52 #letscookvegan #lifeandthyme #nutrition #healthyeats #healthyfood #veganfood #buzzfeast #foods4thought #foodstyling #photography #foodpics #foodphotography #wellness #whatveganseat #wholefoods #veganrecipes #dairyfree #todayfood #theveganclub

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If you’ve never had an acai bowl before, then now is the time to go and try one.

Basically, it is a smoothie which you eat with a spoon.

Acai is a South American fruit, very similar to grapes and found on acai palm trees.

Known as a superfood, acai berries are high in fibre, rich in antioxidants and just basically taste amazing.

Acai bowls are the frozen berries whizzed up into a pulp and then topped with yummy fruit, nuts and maybe some oatmeal.

Once again, you can get very experimental with these.

3. Chia Pudding

Don’t be fooled by the name, chia pudding can be eaten for breakfast as well as for dessert.

Chia pudding is made from chia seeds, milk and some topping/flavorings.

Chia seeds have some amazing benefits.

They are the highest source of plant based Omega-3, super high in fibre and also protein.

This is a great option if you are in a rush in the mornings.

You make this the evening before by popping the ingredients into a bowl or glass, stirring and leaving overnight to allow the chia seeds to absorb the milk and expand.

There are many recipes out there, but look here to get started.

4. Spelt Pancakes

good morning! having the easiest #vegan chocolate crêpes for breakfast😋served with powdered xucker,sugar free chocolate spread,fresh berries and granola. used my products from in here! so delicious☺️🙏🏼what did you had today? have a great thursday ahead! • //guten morgen! gefrühstückt habe ich gerade ein paar vegane schoko crêpes getoppt mit puder xucker,zuckerfreiem schoko aufstrich,frischen beeren und etwas granola. dafür habe ich unter anderem die produkte von verwendet😊große empfehlung an euch! mögt ihr crêpes eigentlich auch so gerne? könnte ich andauernd essen,vorallem weil sie so schnell zubereitet sind😁👌🏼was steht heute bei euch an? nachdem wir gestern einen kleinen ausflug gemacht haben wird mein tag in der berufsschule jetzt wohl etwas länger werden🙄euch wünsche ich trotzdem einen schönen donnerstag!\ • • • rezept: ihr braucht 65g dinkelmehl,10g backkakao,150-200ml mineralwasser, backpulver und süßungsmittel.vermengt alle zutaten zu einem leicht flüssigen teig und lasst ihn kurz ruhen (gebt gegebenenfalls mehr flüssigkeit dazu).backt die crêpes anschließend in der pfanne von beiden seiten .markiert mich bitte falls ihr es testet damit ich es auch sehen kann🐒 • #crepes#chocolate#cleaneats#healthyfood#feedfeed#vegan#breakfast#food#lovefood#veganfood#foodphotography#foodie#frühstück#instafood#foodstyling#bestofvegan#buzzfeedfood#gloobyfood#photooftheday#foodpics#bestoftheday#heresmyfood#foodporn#beautifulcuisines#f52grams#ahealthynut#veganfoodshare#cuisinesworld#cleaneating#plantbased

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Not all pancakes are created equal, as these pancakes above demonstrate.

These are made with Spelt flour, which compared to wheat flour has fewer calories, is higher in protein and many people find it easier to digest.

The spelt flour is blended with water and cacao powder, baking soda and sweetener to create some yummy and slightly healthier than normal pancakes.

Top with fresh fruit, yoghurt and honey for a gorgeous breakfast idea.

5. Fruit & Yoghurt

Breakfast at 11:30…I could get used to this // #fruitandyoghurt #alltheberries #hellyes // 🍒🍇🍓

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One of the easiest and quickest healthy breakfasts to whip up, you can’t go far wrong with a yoghurt and fruit combo.

Yoghurt is high in protein and calcium, and you can buy it in a wide range of flavours.

I personally go for plant-based yoghurt which is made from soya

. Top with your choice of fruit, nuts, honey or even some granola.

Here is YouTuber Amelia enjoying her yoghurt and fruit combo.

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Perfect for enjoying your healthy breakfast outside in the summer sun.



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