Steal Looks From Books: Fictional Charachter Fashion

Reading a good book is an experience quite unlike any other. You are able to enter new worlds, immersing not only your imagination but your senses. You don’t just read about the characters, but meet them, and as you read on, grow to know them intimately.

And with this knowing comes a feeling of closeness, we fall in love with the heroes in these tales, sometimes taking on their most prominent attributes.

For you are most like the people you surround yourself with, whether real or fictional.

Listed below are some of the most celebrated fictional characters we secretly wish were real, and of course, how they would dress if they were.

Sherlock Holmes

One of the most well known heroes of the modern day, a detective unlike any other, who’s powers of deduction are unparalleled, the game is always afoot with this one.

He is as eccentric as he is genius, and his every tale is a page turner. Far more than your typical who done it, you always feel like your attentive skills need a sharpen by the end.

With sixty original stories, and double the spin-offs to choose from, an abundance of choice is available.

Hat and pipe aside, fabrics like tweed or patterns like houndstooth, or the ever popular gingham, a classic trench-coat, tailored pieces,  and a pair of tortoise shell specs to see all those minute clues in vivid detail.

Harry Potter

With or without a forehead scar, magical powers can be at your fingertips, with just the right colour or fabric.

From the cupboard under the stairs to the most famous wizard alive, and an instant classic for all age groups, that will live on in the hearts of many as the literary hero to outdo them all.

The magic isn’t exclusive to spells cast, but comradery and friendship in it’s purest form.

Wands and robes aside, flowing silhouettes, ruffles, dark shades or the colours of your favourite house, red and gold for Gryffindor if you are so inclined.

Seven original books, and one addition so far, so lots of quality reading time ahead.

Rounds specs are a staple of the look, these fun new Ray-Bans will mean you can go without sellotape at the bridge of your nose (insider joke, get reading to find out).

Lisbeth Salander

A force to be reckoned with, whether online or off, a female role model in strength and success against all odds, every time you fall (or get kicked down), come back again stronger.

An intelligent, powerful, crime solving hacker hero. With three current “The Girl with The” stories and new ones still being written, the possibilities are endless.

Dress with undercover adventure in mind. Think leather jackets, combat boots, spiky hair, and a pair of super dark sunnies, with an edge.


Bridget Jones

An awkward, hopeless romantic, spontaneous, hilarious heroine. With over five books in print so far.

Get ready to laugh, cry and keep those pages turning hoping for your perfect outcome.

Put on that floral wrap dress, or go all out single Bridget and wear a sheer top with a lace bralette for maximum appeal.

Keep shapes and colours traditionally feminine, like these drop dead Kate Spade sunglasses in cotton candy pink.

Christian Grey

A love it or love to hate it trilogy, Christian Grey; a guilty pleasure for many, is the billionaire it-man.

With dark secrets behind closed padded doors, a love story, or look into the darker side of desire, either way, worth a dabble.

A tailored suit, metallic specs, and a classic shoe or watch. Less is more, understated luxury is the name of the game here.

Want to find new characters to fall in love with? Read the top books of the year here, and give it a whirl.

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