Hillary Clinton goes incognito in sunglasses at Ohio restaurant

This month, Hillary Rodham Clinton made headlines when she announced her bid for the US presidency in 2016 and claimed to stand for “everyday Americans”. And, as if to prove it, she recently went completely unrecognised when getting lunch at a Chipotle restaurant in the Ohio city of Maumee. How did she do it? Well, it seemed to have a lot to do with the dark sunglasses she wore.

Sunglasses have long been donned by famous folk to help themselves to keep a low profile while out and about. However, even America’s potential next president (a good or bad thing? We’ll leave you to make your own mind up) was probably surprised by how, well, ordinary her sunglasses made her appear to both the staff and patrons in the eatery.

The restaurant staff were apparently utterly oblivious while Hillary ordered… well, what exactly? Thankfully, the US Internet TV news channel CBSN can tell us – watch its video story below.

In fact, the staff hadn’t realised that the presidential hopeful had visited until the manager, Charles Wright, looked over the security camera footage and, surely enough, saw her ordering her food at the counter. Mr. Wright pointed out to the press that her “dark sunglasses” meant that, in terms of appearance, she “just was another lady”. Quite.

Sunglasses are especially recommended for use at this time of year – for both fashion and health reasons. So, perhaps a desire to go incognito was not the only reason why Hillary was sporting some. If you love the image of effortless cool that this trendy kind of eyewear tends to give super-famous people, consider that there is an impressive choice of designer sunglasses in the stock of SelectSpecs.

Oh, and Hillary, if you happen to be reading this: SelectSpecs can dispatch to the United States, too…

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